Lack of economic opportunity and environmental degradation lead to exploitation – so we are fighting to end both at their core. When healthy, people and planet function together in harmony, in a world where no one is for sale.


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May’s Story

Mrs Do and her husband An were working in the fields the day May disappeared. When they came home for dinner, their daughter was gone. At first they thought she might be playing with some friends.



Has COVID-19 slowed down the global trade in human beings? With the world reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, we should be seeing a glimmer of hope in this fight against trafficking. After all, in this current situation the movement of people is much more...


Ha had been trafficked and sold; every moment of her life was terrifying. Then her city went into a pandemic lockdown, and suddenly everything became worse. Before all this, a ‘lockdown’ happened during terrorist incidents and bomb scares. Now they’re a part of...

All of our overhead is handled by social enterprises, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes straight to impact and the people who need it most.

We impacted 63,390 people in 2019!

Over 7,785 survivors and exploited people were provided extensive services and as a result, an additional 55,605 people were provided access to an array of services such as jobs, skills training, access to capital, clean water, social services, education, trafficking prevention, & more.

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There are 45.8 million people living in slavery today around the world.  We fight to end it, you can make a real difference in that fight. 


Become a real freedom fighter by becoming a recurring donor.  This is truly life-changing and 100% of your donation will go directly to impact and the people that need it most.


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Support our global work in the fight against exploitation.  From basics like food, nutrition, and shelter, to eduction and school supplies, or even seed-funding to build their own future.


Create a fundraising team with friends, work colleagues or complete strangers, add your goal, and create positive impact for the tens of millions living in slavery globally today.

Stopping slavery in the Amazon

Not For Sale and Rebbl are working in partnership to support regions of the world that are vulnerable to exploitation and human trafficking. Helping communities to thrive and prevent their vulnerability to trafficking in the first place.

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