A network to grow self-sustaining social projects with purpose-driven business to end exploitation and forced labor.

“It takes a lot of persistence and a willingness to live in a world that is not perfect, but if you’re going in the right direction, if you’re making things better… people will go with you.”
– Jostein Solheim, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s
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When it comes to world-changing causes, many people feel wonder, “Does my donation really make a difference? Will I truly make a difference?” Not For Sale helps people who want more than a pat on the back for doing good. We help people who want to create true and lasting change to better the world.

We know how hard it is to create change and meaning in our lives — with family, hobbies, and social media all grabbing at our attention. It can be hard to even know where to start. And we have helped thousands of donors, leaders, and business people accomplish what really matters to many of us — giving and doing more for others.

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Not For Sale has built the world’s first proven solution to modern slavery. Through our global projects — in places like Peru, Thailand, and Amsterdam — our members have fed, housed, and educated hundreds of thousands of people affected by human trafficking and forced labor. Unfortunately, this is where most organizations stop.

Starting in 2010, we took the next step. We started building REBBL, a revolutionary health drink, which sourced its ingredients to help people affected by forced labor in Peru. Since then, REBBL has grown to support more people. We’ve repeated this business process to help people in Amsterdam and Thailand. And we have partnered with more businesses to improve the lives of exploited people worldwide.

Food, shelter, and medical care are enough to survive. But that doesn’t satisfy us when it comes to the people we serve. The members of Not For Sale are committed to the personal growth of the people we serve — so that they can independently support themselves and lead others through similar struggles.

When you become a member of Not For Sale, you will:

  • Support the development of social projects built in a way which encourages self-funding so that they can expand exponentially and help more people as time goes on.
  • Be given opportunities to apply your unique resources, skills, talents to projects, products, and ventures that directly support the development of exploited people.
  • Create projects that actually reverse the growing tide of modern slavery, instead of just putting a band-aid over the problem.

Our lives become meaningful when we create lives for others. If people miss the opportunities to build real businesses and products that give back to social projects, we’ll never find enough resources to transform all the people affected by modern slavery. By building new ventures with even better products, we can replace forced labor inside the supply chains.

Donate to Not For Sale. Because the only way to making a true, lasting difference is to start different.

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If you believe kids deserve a fighting chance in life to be free and to become whoever they want to be, then get your Not For Sale gear and show the world you believe no one should be for sale.

“If we created a product that checked every box — from choosing natural material, to the right labor, to the right price for consumers, keeping everything transparent and honest — what would happen then?”


Tom Christie and Adrianne Pennings - Our Donors for Not For Sale program
“It is a privilege to help build on the unbelievable work [with Not For Sale]… to provide those children with real opportunities for an education and a better future.”


Two months ago I was jobless, homeless, everything-less. Before I joined Not For Sale I didn’t even know what a CEO was. Now, I want to be one.


People like you have funded the life changes of more than 15,000 people affected by human trafficking and modern slavery.
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When you fundraise or donate, your dollars fund the growth of social projects in 7 countries.
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Your donations also build companies and businesses born to financially power each project.

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Entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology are powerful tools in the fight against human trafficking.

Using these tools, we  work to ensure systems that protect, empower, and offer opportunity to people who are vulnerable to being trafficked.

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