While Not For Sale began by providing direct resources and support for those already affected by human trafficking, and continues to do so today, we soon recognized the need to not only rescue people out of trafficking situations, but also to stop the flow of vulnerable victims before they are trafficked. We bravely asked ourselves the question,

“How do we stop the flow of victims upstream so they never become victims in the first place?”

Out of this question, Not For Sale adopted a three-step approach to fighting human trafficking.

Social Programming

First, we partner with local experts, community leaders, and businesspeople to understand the root causes of slavery in the region. At this stage, NFS provides direct services, including food, shelter, education, and healthcare to those affected by modern slavery and exploitation.

Research and Development

Second, NFS investigates the local economy to see where we might break the cycle of poverty that makes people vulnerable to being trafficked. We ask, why are people here susceptible to slavery? What can we do to create a healthier economy so that fewer people are at risk?

Scalable Ventures

Finally, NFS partners with entrepreneurs to create businesses and social enterprises that generate sustainable, fair-wage jobs in the region, with ethically sourced ingredients and resources. These businesses then also feed a percentage of revenue back into the direct service projects.

Long term solutions

With more than 45 million slaves in the world today, NFS sees the need to be creative and bold in creating solutions at a scale that can address the problem of human trafficking all around the globe. Currently, NFS operates across North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe. We also have business ventures that create jobs for vulnerable populations, and that feed revenue back into our projects. Thus, in addition to providing direct care to trafficking victims, NFS has adopted an approach that provides fair-paying jobs, dignity, and long-term, scalable solutions.