Not For Sale’s story started with an Indian restaurant in Berkeley, California, and it led us to building our first village in Northern Thailand. Sometimes, to do great things you must lead with your heart.


The responsibility to end modern slavery requires us to use our heads, as well as our hearts. We must use our courage to ask a new question:

“How do you stop this before it happens in the first place?”

If Not For Sale continued on on the path used now by 99% of nonprofits, we would only continue to pull kids out after they had been exploited.

Together, you can build an economic wall between the poorest 2 billion and slavery. Without one, we will fail.


We believe our mission can only succeed when the members of this network share similar values and mission. In everything we do, we are committed to these core statements:

  1. Success is more than numbers
    One former sex-worker in Amsterdam who becomes a chef is success. The first stateless graduate in Thailand’s history is success. And the millions of families who will never be sucked into slavery because of the wall we build together is bigger than any number we could report.
  2. To lead, we prove it ourselves
    We believe business can change the tide against modern slavery because we’ve proven it with our own sweat, tears, and capital. We test our ideas, and help others do what works.
  3. Everything we do must be built to grow
    Our process is simple. 1) Test new ideas. 2) Kick the tires so we know the successful ideas can grow. 3) Scale what works so that more people can be served and protected.
  4. Never exploit the exploited
    Everyone deserves to live with dignity. Everyone we serve has a choice in how they want to participate.
  5. No one is rubbish, No one is for sale
    We believe every person has value — and that value can neither be bought nor sold. We believe people are not for sale.
  6. Everyone can become better
    We believe humans have no ceiling. Each of us has the potential to become better than what we were yesterday. We have the minds to learn new skills and beliefs. All of us have the potential to be great.
  7. We go further together
    No great mission was completed alone. As this network grows, so does the impact we can make together. Invite others to bring their skills, whatever they are, to move this mission forward.
  8. Forced labor is a tool we must replace
    We believe forced labor is a tool — a method of production — that can be replaced in businesses and supply chains. Any tool can be replaced, and we can replace slavery.
  9. There’s always ways to get better
    There is no one “right” way to accomplish a mission. But there are always ways to improve our results through new actions and ways of doing things. We can always improve.


“Tweet everyone you know about this book. Let’s make slavery history!” — Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and CEO of Square

“David Batstone is a heroic character.” —Bono

“This is one of those books that makes you want TO DO SOMETHING.” – Mark Cole