Our Projects



Not For Sale Vietnam has partnered with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to create the first housing in Vietnam for young boys who have been sexually or otherwise exploited. NFS Vietnam provides support for street children in Hanoi, offering crisis care that includes emergency shelter, long-term care, healthcare, job training, food and clothing.


Chiang Rai

Through the construction and expansion of a children’s center led by director Kru Nam, Not For Sale’s Thailand project supports more than 100 children each year by providing long-term housing, healthcare, food, and desperately needed education. NFS Thailand particularly concentrates on the education of stateless children from neighboring Myanmar, who are aggressively targeted by human traffickers.



Not For Sale Peru has developed a scholarship program to provide housing, education, and emotional support for vulnerable children living in rural Peru. NFS Peru also created community gardens to educate students, teachers, and family members about proper nutrition while creating self-sufficiency. Additionally, NFS Peru provides artisan training for hundreds of women in the Peruvian Amazon.



Founded in 2012, Not For Sale Netherlands sought to offer culinary job training to women who had been exploited and were living in a shelter in Amsterdam. What began as teaching vulnerable women how to cook nutritious soup eventually grew into the creation of a restaurant, Dignita, which offers professional culinary training, internships, and jobs to exploited women.

Uganda & DRC


Not For Sale Uganda/Democratic Republic of the Congo partners with CIYOTA, a non-profit established by refugee youth, to provide education and housing for nearly 500 children and young adults near the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda. The camp houses approximately 40,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many who are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.

South Africa & Mozambique

Durban & Tofo

Not For Sale projects in South Africa and Mozambique focus on outreach to homeless children in Durban and Tofo. Partnering with Surfers Not Street Children, NFS South Africa fuses surfing with mentorship to ensure that children have the opportunity to leave the street life behind. Children in the program begin to think of themselves as surfers—not street children.


Not For Sale Rwanda focuses on children disappearing from Rwanda to exploitation in the Middle East. NFS Rwanda provides educational opportunities, human trafficking awareness training, and healthcare for children that have been trafficked or are at high risk for exploitation. The future vision is to support a clinic and school to help care for at-risk children.