100% of your fundraising goes to creating a world free from exploitation

You’ve taken the first step in creating a world of dignity and freedom!  Your efforts and contributions will all go towards the movement to end exploitation everywhere.

Sounds daunting? Don’t worry – this pack is filled with advice, ideas and information to help you to maximise the results of your NFS fundraiser – and have fun while you do it!  Thanks to generous individuals just like you, we can continue to fund critical initiatives needed in our fight.


Every dollar makes a difference.


If together we’re going end modern slavery, we must go above only serving those who have already experienced trauma. We must stop the opportunities for exploitation before they begin. Your donations help those who have suffered, and are used to build economic walls between traffickers and vulnerable people.


Business is a spiritual journey. Through it, we have the power to affect exponentially more people.

Not for Sale helps leaders transform their businesses into something more — a mission.


Investing and doing good at the same time shouldn’t be so difficult. Our partners Just Business have invested in and launched dozens of companies — like REBBL, Dignita Restaurant, and Square Organics. Connect with companies with vetted products, purpose, and people.

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