Globally, there are 45.8 million people living in slavery. We are fighting to end the lack of economic opportunity and environmental degradation that lead to exploitation. Striving for a world where people and planet function in harmony. A world where no one is for sale.

We create Enterprises, born out of a Mission.

Not For Sale began by providing vital direct resources to trafficked people. We quickly realised that to create a world without slavery, we need change at a grassroots level – we need to stop trafficking long before it happens. 

We work with local experts to understand the causes of slavery. We investigate local economies to discover where we might break the cycle. We partner with local entrepreneurs to create projects that provide education, empowerment, income.

Our mission is to create long-term, sustainable, scalable solutions that offer dignity, hope and a positive future.

Our Impact In Numbers

In sixteen years, we have supported over 352,000 people, in 12 countries, each one at risk of human trafficking.

In 2022, around the world...

Girls enrolled in our South Africa 'Girls Surf Too' program

children received an education through our children’s shelter in Thailand

meals were served at our Vietnamese children’s shelter

Our 100% donation promise.
We are very proud of our 100% Donation Promise. Every penny of every individual Not For Sale donation always goes directly to impact programming to serve those who need it most. 

100% of the time.

How you can make a difference
Every bit of support we receive makes a difference. Will you work with us to end slavery?
Make a donation.
Regular donations are the lifeblood of Not For Sale. 100% of every donation goes directly to the people who need it most – every penny you give makes a huge difference.
Shop our store.
Look good – do good. All the profits from every purchase in our store go directly to our projects. And, wearing pieces from the collection helps share our vital message.
Pledge to fundraise.
Whether you decide to take on a solo goal, or assemble a team with friends or colleagues, fundraising is a fun and rewarding way to stand for change.
Where we work
Human trafficking and exploitation is a global issue – our direct service projects operate in eight countries worldwide.
Our latest news

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