Your story is touched by modern slavery

Nearly everything we consume — from clothing, to the batteries in our cell phones, to the fish we eat — has forced labor and exploitation hidden somewhere inside its production.

Many of us, including the businesses who make the products we buy, have no idea when or where the exploitation occurs.

And it’s growing every single day. 

About 45.8 million people today are living in slave-like conditions. That’s bigger than the population of California, Canada, or Argentina.

Nearly every country on earth is affected, including the United States.

And, more than $150 billion in profits are generated annually by businesses employing slavery and exploitation. This is bigger than the revenues of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Exxon Mobil, and JP Morgan Chase — combined.

Since 2007, we have supported over 95,000 survivors of human trafficking. Other non-profits would consider this a success. But we believe we should stop trafficking before it starts.

While the impact numbers of our work are true and vitally important — each number is a placeholder for a living, breathing, human. Please keep this in mind as you read about our work.

Our Process

Our Not For Sale methodology builds viable, successful companies that bakes our DNA into the company to create value throughout the whole business — from the sourcing of the goods, to the manufacturing of products, to the way we sell it — and return profits back to the community through our Not For Sale projects. We fight vulnerability to exploitation at its core by economically strengthening communities and caring for the most vulnerable.

The wave of what we are doing is about helping individuals — and also changing the way the world thinks about philanthropy and business. We are shifting existing systems, to create a world where no one is for sale.