Today’s dose of #InnovateForGood inspiration comes from Velé co-founders Tiffany & Lauren. Velé is a Not For Sale partner brand that produces beautiful handcrafted leather goods under ethical guidelines, while spreading a message of women’s empowerment and contributing toward Not For Sale’s work around the world. 

“You Are Worthy. You Are Wanted.” 

These are the words that drove us to build Velé, an ethical leather essentials line designed with the belief that all are worthy, wanted.

Our creative partnership began fittingly in a middle school sewing class. We bonded over a shared love of essentialist style and the confidence that self expression through fashion fueled us with. Years later, it was only natural that we would venture into the world of fashion as a career. Yet we were disheartened to learn that in an industry that empowered us to conquer our day with confidence, less than 5% are paid a living wage out of over 50 million garment workers globally (The True Cost). The fashion industry has a seismic impact on the lives of many, and today there is a $150 billion industry of forced labour supported by fast fashion prices (ILO).

We looked at the stats, and knew that while we had fallen in love with the world of fashion for the way it could empower and unleash creativity, if we were going to start a brand, it would need to be a vehicle of bringing dignity to it’s makers. That’s why at Velé we guarantee the traditional artisans who handcraft every piece in Ubrique, Spain, fair living wages and are dignity in their work. To further this vision, 10% of each purchase supports Not For Sale in ending human trafficking.

“You Are Worthy. You Are Wanted.” 

There was one more layer of fashion we wanted to change. We were tired of the industry constantly throwing messages at women that they weren’t good enough; that if they only purchased this or that, they would suddenly find success or feel beautiful. Velé is built on a foundation of supporting, respecting, and accepting women, regardless of their shape, size, or color. We make pieces to enhance your life, not change it.

That’s why every piece we make is embossed with a message of empowerment inside to remind you that no matter what the world is telling you, you are worthy, “You are wanted.”