An Experience Like No Other

Today’s guest post contributor, Jordan Broom-Hall, is employed by Not For Sale partner brand Spence Diamonds. Jordan recently joined a team of representatives from Spence Diamonds to assist with Not For Sale and Spence Diamonds’ Entrepreneurship Challenge, and visit Not For Sale Uganda. In today’s post, Jordan shares his perspective on the experience, and Not For Sale’s impact.  


Upon acquiring a position as a Diamond Consultant with Spence Diamonds in 2014, I NEVER would have imagined that I would be traveling across the globe to Uganda to take part in anything like Not For Sale and Spence have designed. Making a difference in peoples’ lives is only the beginning of what we, as a team, are accomplishing there! Together, we are giving hope to those in desperate need, and we are providing them with basic living necessities such as clean water, education, and the ability to lead more comfortable lives. In turn, the people in Uganda are providing each of us more than they could ever know… The refugees we interacted with and got to know had such a joyful presence! I have never seen so many smiles before in one place!

My experience on the trip to Uganda was nothing short of amazing, life changing, emotionally charged, and the most rewarding experience I have EVER been a part of. Terra, Dave and Mark from Not For Sale are some of the most genuine and driven people. Their passion for what they do exudes and imprints on everyone they meet. It was impossible for me not to enjoy myself when in their presence!

Perhaps one of the most compelling and beautiful memories from this trip is the moment we learned that the students of the refugee school had come in on a Saturday for an EXTRA day of school just so that they would have the chance to meet and play with us. When we arrived, our emotions were already heightened, and we were greeted with a ‘roar’ of cheers that could be heard a mile away! After a 5-hour bus ride on quite treacherous roads, it was the most uplifting feeling to have that energy welcome us. When the bus doors opened the sound of children echoed through and filled my eyes with happy tears! When we exited the bus the kids were grabbing our hands and giving us hugs; It was quite literally one of the most happy moments of my entire life, not just of this trip. It pained me SO MUCH when we had to load onto the bus and head back. I could’ve stayed there for the entirety of the trip.



As a company that takes a different approach to our industry and truly wants to give back and make a difference on those affected from poor practices, I am optimistic for the changes and growth we can encourage and support over the next few years with Not For Sale in Uganda. What has been accomplished already is motivating enough, but to see the future projects unfolding is something that will drive me to push my team and the company to perform that much stronger! Knowing that every day we go to work and do what we do best impacts an entire refugee community across the globe brings an overwhelming sensation over me, and that feeling of ‘good’ is something I want to share with the world! I am crossing my fingers I can be chosen to go again next year.



Author Biography 
Jordan Broom-Hall began his career in the wedding and engagement industry at the age of 19. He imagined and brought to life ‘Atmosphere Wedding Planning & Event Design’, an international award winning and thoroughly sought-after design company that reached as far as Mexico and the Caribbean with his unusually beautiful and modern design hand. Broom-Hall was an exclusive planner to such celebrities as country musician, Brett Kissel. He also held a standing position on Breakfast Television as a weekly guest on The Bachelor Panel, and design mentor for holidays and wedding / event trends.

He began his career with Spence Diamonds in 2014 as a Diamond Consultant and is currently the acting Store Director of the Edmonton location. 

Jordan currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta – Canada with his husband, Mathew, and his 3-year-old son, Bennett.

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