#NotForSaleRomania March Against Human Trafficking

Over 500 youth participated in an anti-trafficking march taking place in several areas throughout Romania, shedding light on the exploitation that takes place within the country, and the lack of resources for survivors in a country with the highest number of persons affected by trafficking in the entire European Union.

Youth Mobilize For Anti-Trafficking Awareness

 Romania is a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking. That means that men, women and children are trafficked both into and out of Romania, making it a huge hub for exploitation. A large number of communities in Romania are affected deeply by poverty, lack of education, lack of employment, and corruption. Many people affected by sex and labor trafficking in Romania are promised a better life across the border.

 Educating the local community is an important part of the work that Not For Sale Romania does. Each awareness effort has the potential to prevent exploitation, so Not For Sale Romania speaks to parents and students at local schools and participates in community events.

 In the years that Not For Sale Romania has been holding awareness events, they have seen a positive increase in the amount of awareness gained. Several years ago, the topic of human trafficking wasn’t a common one. Today, many community members- especially the youth- are aware of the issue of human trafficking, and educated on red flags and how to avoid exploitation. Not For Sale Romania leads a youth awareness and anti-trafficking group which actively generates ideas to engage and educate others.

 It was this group of youth that came up with the idea to hold Not For Sale Romania’s first awareness march and flash mob. More than 500 young people participated, in several cities thoroughout Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Baia Mare, Galati, Oradea, and Timisoara. 

In addition to this wonderful turnout across the country, the awareness movement created engagement on social media, garnering thousands of impressions. Supporters participated from other countries- Italy, Germany, Croatia, and more! 

As Not For Sale Romania director Martina likes to state, “The change is in all of us”. When there is a collective effort to raise awareness, all of our voices are amplified to create change.

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