Not For Sale supporter Claire Dickison proves that you can get involved and #InnovateForGood at any age! We’re honored to share Claire’s advocacy and fundraising efforts for Not For Sale as part of our #InnovateForGood Campaign, as we continue to share stories of how the innovators we admire show their creativity in fighting injustice.

As free beings with agency, I firmly believe that it is the public’s responsibility to refuse to turn a blind eye to the struggles of those trapped by the bonds of modern day slavery. I believe that God placed all of us on this Earth with a purpose, and calls us to “proclaim freedom to the captives and set the oppressed free.”

Ever since I first learned about human trafficking, I’ve made an effort to fight against this injustice by doing small things like throw out Halloween candy from brands known to use exploitative labor. However, I’ve always wanted to find a way to make a bigger, impactful contribution to the anti-human trafficking movement.

When a school project led me to research the work of Not For Sale, I recognized the value of the organization’s holistic and integrated impact model, made possible through its own initiatives as well as partnerships with businesses that practice ethical sourcing. NFS gives consumers like me the opportunity to support rehabilitation programs that give at-risk individuals and survivors a safer, brighter future.

I wanted to contribute to Not For Sale’s cause, so I made ornaments to sell at a Christmas vendor’s market and various churches to raise both money and awareness for the organization. The ornaments were clear bulbs, with a white feather and a red heart inside, hung on a short chain link. They were an effective way to heighten awareness about human trafficking while raising money for NFS. It was exciting to see how many people cared about the issue and wanted to learn more!
To make a difference, I now know that I don’t have to do something huge and complex. I realized I can foster change in my community through something as easy as selling Christmas ornaments. Focus on the importance of the small acts that you can do now, and the world shaking endeavours will come with time.

Now, my friend and I are organizing an awareness night featuring a speaker and the documentary Red Light Green Light. We’ll be selling baked goods to raise money for a local safehouse for survivors. Our goal is to bring about sustainable change in our community by letting people know of the reality of horrors that our brothers and sisters around the world face every single day, and showing them how we can help by supporting incredible organizations like Not For Sale.