May 21, 2021

Long is Not For Sale

WRITTEN BY - Not For Sale

Long was born in 2004. His father died when he was young and his mother remarried. His stepfather was a violent man, often beating Long and his mother and smashing furniture. Long ran away from home and lived on the streets for several years.

When NFS Vietnam partners Blue Dragon staff met him, he was distrustful of everyone, with behavioural difficulties caused by his traumatic experiences. Blue Dragon staff continued to demonstrate care and affection to Long and gradually he learned to trust them. As a result he was able to move into one of our shelters. Not For Sale and Blue Dragon helped Long return to school, giving him career preparation workshops and enrolling him in youth development activities.

“Since moving into this Shelter, I have changed a lot. I am happier, I can communicate with people and have more similar age friends. Not like before, when I had to spend most of the time after school, to pick up rubbish from the streets and sell it to support my mother and younger sister. Now I can join more activities and learn more new skills. I love living here.”
– Former street kid living at the Not For Sale shelter in Vietnam
In time, Long developed relationships with other children at the Blue Dragon shelter. Covid-19 interrupted Long’s schooling, forcing him to stay home and study. However, supported by his education team of social workers and teachers – this resilient little boy persevered and completed his first year of school with good results. Diligent and hard-working, Long is keen to improve his English, so making use of his career mentoring, he was able to find a job in a bar near the shelter. He reports being satisfied and happy with his current life, at last able to look forward to the future with positivity.