Meet Esther

This post is the first in a series of three, as we introduce you to the three top finalists from June’s Entrepreneurship Challenge with Not For Sale and brand partner Spence Diamonds. Profiles for our first place winner, Simon, and second place winner, Benard, are also available on the Not For Sale blog. 

Sewing Seeds of Change 

23 year old Rwandan Esther Mambolewo is our 3rd place runner up. A talented designer, She launched a fashion company to design & produce apparel out of Nakivale refugee camp. When we met Esther, she told us how she sells half of her food ration aid so she can buy six yards of cloth. With that cloth she can make two clothing items. 

Through hard work and sacrifice, she’s gained enough customers that she now employs seven young vulnerable women. With our investment funding of 4.5 Million Ugandan shillings, she plans to expand her business and employ more women.


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