Not For Sale and Spence Diamonds Invest In Uganda’s Innovators

Talent is universal — but opportunity is not. That’s why Not For Sale is choosing fifteen entrepreneurs from Uganda with a big potential to #InnovateForGood to receive funding to launch their business ideas.

Many people fleeing violence in the DRC come into Uganda as refugees. The Kyangwali refugee camp has become home to a quickly increasing number of displaced people.

Short-term, emergency needs like access to healthcare and shelter for new arrivals are joined by the needs of resettled refugees in need of stability and structure within the camp — like education and a way to earn a living. A lack of economic security means trafficking and exploitation rates are high.

Not For Sale Uganda has been working within the Kyangwali refugee camp, providing housing, educational opportunities, and support to those who are vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Through the local network we’ve built through Not For Sale Uganda/Democratic Republic of the Congo, we’ve met many brilliant people who have a deep desire to use their best and brightest ideas to create positive change within the Kyangwali community and throughout the world.  

If there’s one concept we’ve learned through launching and partnering with impactful enterprises around the world, it’s that those who are often most well-equipped to be innovators for good in a certain area are the members of that community. It makes sense: people who are immersed in the daily struggles of a region will be the most deeply invested in creating solutions, and the most educated on what those solutions should look like. We believe that the next big world-changing idea might just come from the dusty streets of an Ugandan refugee settlement rather than Silicon Valley’s polished boardrooms. To find the innovators, we’ll go to the area where innovation is needed the most.

This June, aspiring entrepreneurs will come together in Uganda to exchange ideas and compete for the chance to work with Not For Sale and our partners to launch new enterprises. Each of the carefully chosen challenge participants are exceptional leaders and creative minds from the local communities and refugee camps around Uganda.

After a period of research and tailored brainstorm sessions to inform and position our collection of business experts and investors, each entrepreneur will pitch their business ideas to a panel made up of representatives from Not For Sale, Just Business, Spence Diamonds, and local Ugandan business owners, Shark Tank style. The winning ideas will be put into motion, with the chosen entrepreneur receiving the funding, mentoring, and resources needed to launch and scale their enterprise.

We can’t wait to share the excitement and impact of this challenge with the Not For Sale squad! If you’re signed up for our newsletters, you’ll receive updates from our team as we move forward with the challenge. You can also follow along with #NFSInvestsUganda on social media for behind-the-scenes content from our team in Uganda.