Chance Lariza

Due to Civil conflict, Chance and her family were forced to leave Congo in 2016 and move to the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda where she lived with her single mother and two siblings. Among the refugee camp’s top students in the national exams of 2019, Chance was awarded a scholarship by Not For Sale Uganda to attend Albert Senior Secondary School, which is about 50 miles outside the refugee camp.

At just 16 years old, she tragically passed away due to complications from a blood transfusion. In Chance’s honor we asked for your support to set up a Memorial Scholarship, with a goal to raise funds to provide an education for three more girls in Uganda – from the same refugee camp Chance and her family fled to in 2016. Thanks to your generous donations we were able to exceed our target, and with your help we aim to keep the programme going each year, and send as many young girls to school as possible.

Chance Lariza

Scholarship Recipients


Since the death of her father, Sanyu’s mother has supported both her and her brother. She dreams of becoming a doctor and building a hospital for disadvantaged people, but without access to fees, books or medication, education seems impossible. With NFS, Sanyu has completed primary level; secondary school will help her dreams become reality.



The oldest of six, 18-year-old Akiki’s father passed away when she was 10, leaving her mother, a farmer, to support her and her five siblings. With limited funds for fees or materials, only two of the children are able to study. With support from NFS, Akiki has completed primary level; secondary school will educate and mentor her as she works to become an accountant.


Aged nine, Namono’s world changed when she lost both her parents; her life became filled with suffering and hardship. Now 17 and looked after by her brother and grandmother, she has worked hard to pass first grade with NFS. Secondary education will give Namono the chance to build her ambitions.

How you can help

Every donation makes a tremendous difference – from just $75, which could cover the school uniform and book costs needed by one child for the full school year, to $700 which could provide the funds needed for one full scholarship for the whole year.

Our goal is to give future generations the opportunity to achieve their dreams, compete for a university scholarship or to simply gain the skills required to create their own opportunities in life.


What your donation could do

Full Scholarship
A gift of $700 could provide the funds needed for one full scholarship for the whole year. Giving a child the opportunity to create their own future.

School Fees
$450 could pay the school fees for one child for the entire year.

Everything Else
A donation of $250 could supply the funds needed to cover everything a child needs for education outside of school fees.

Uniform & Books
A donation of $75 could cover the costs of a school uniform and the books needed by one child for the full school year.