A Digital Exhibition

Not For Sale announces a call for submissions to a digital exhibition, asking the question ‘What does true equality mean to you?’  

In a world where 45 million people are enslaved, where people are systematically discriminated against on the grounds of race, age, ability, gender, it’s clear global equality does not exist. A fact the pandemic, and the events of this year, continue to highlight. But, this year has also highlighted the deep love that exists between human beings, the acts of kindness, small and large, that make the world go round. As we’ve repeated time and again, we’re living in unprecedented times. A moment that history will remember, that future generations will look back on. We dare to believe this year has given us a glimmer of hope that one day, we might live in a world where equality and true justice are more than Utopian ideals. 

Our photo call is open to all. So whether you’re a smartphone snapper or a practiced professional, we want to see your pictures. Submissions will be considered by our expert panellists and our favourites will be shared on our social media channels and displayed in a digital exhibition, launching in October.

To enter, please send your photo via email ([email protected]) or tag us in your Instagram pictures (@nfs) using the hashtag #whatisequality2020.

The deadline for submissions is 15 October.