Not For Sale University Curriculum

Welcome to the abolitionist movement! Yes, you may have chosen Not for Sale as a reader
for your course, honors program, common reader initiative, or “town/gown” reading
selection, but you have also joined a movement. You are helping to make a horrific yet
largely hidden aspect of the global village visible. You are educating others that although
the scourge of slavery may have been legally abolished in our country more than 150 years
ago, it is a reality in every state today. You are empowering students to find their voices and
raise them in the fight to free the estimated 48 million men, women, and children enslaved
throughout the world.
We would like to help your class, department, program, or institution have a positive
experience as well. That’s the impetus for this Instructor’s Manual: We want to provide
numerous resources, ideas, sample assignments, and out-of-class engagement opportunities
for you. Feel free to contact us directly if you have questions regarding the material, and please let us know what new ideas, resources, and assignments you develop.
As you prepare to integrate Not for Sale into your curriculum, we encourage you
to think broadly. This is an interdisciplinary topic that can be explored from a variety of
perspectives. Very few academics are truly content experts on the issue of modern-day
slavery, so this is an intriguing topic to explore with your students and colleagues. Learn,
create, debate, and engage in the issues together. We found it to be quite a worthwhile
experience, and we are confident you will, too.
Written by Ruth A. Goldfine, Ph.D.; Keisha L. Hoerrner, Ph.D.; & David Batstone, Ph.D.
Kennesaw State University & the University of San Francisco, 2008 (copyright retained by authors)
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