Fast For Freedom Prayer Guide

People of faith have an important role to play in ending modern-day slavery and creating
new futures. Although there is diversity in our faith and in how we live it out, we are all
united in the belief that stealing another person’s destiny is a grave evil that must be
opposed in both word and deed.
Not For Sale is delighted to offer yet another tool for engagement. This Fast For Freedom
Guide that you hold in your hands reflects the statements above. It is written by a variety
of people from various Christian communities, in different countries, with different faith
backgrounds – pastors, students, teachers, and everyday abolitionists alike. Despite the
diversity, there is unity in the desire to see an end to modern-day slavery, and the passion
to make that happen through prayer, fasting, and action. All of us can do significant
things to bring about change.
This Fast For Freedom Guide combines the spiritual disciplines of prayer, scripture, and
fasting. But this guide is not a static document. Its intent is to help the mind, heart, and
spirit combine with smart activism. We hope that each day these spiritual disciplines will
be the catalyst for action as you live out true freedom in your community and bring
freedom to others. Don’t forget to look at the action guide in the back to learn how you
can be an agent of change.

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The Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme of the European Union funded Not For Sale to create Awareness Guidelines for companies wanting to help stop forced labor and human trafficking


Companies, reaching billions of consumers each day, can play a crucial role in raising awareness and educating consumers about human trafficking. Their messages transcend geographical borders and cultural barriers, and reach areas where television and internet have not yet traveled — areas where trafficking can be most prevalent. Internally, corporations are incubators of innovative and continued learning. They are experts on efficiently educating large numbers of people from various backgrounds. This expertise, combined with their communication reach, makes companies uniquely positioned to build understanding of what human trafficking is and how it can be addressed.

The aim of these Awareness Guidelines is to be a tool for companies that wish to support the fight against human trafficking by raising awareness among consumers and employees. The guide provides examples of how businesses can communicate externally about trafficking through product packaging, social media, endorsement, campaigns, and in-store communication. It also highlights examples of how companies can work to educate employees internally by offering online training, organizing internal workshops, and participating in external forums. Each area is illustrated by an example of how companies work, or have worked, to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Download the Awareness Guidelines


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This training guide is based on the online training tool Human Trafficking Awareness Course, developed by Not For Sale and the Samilia Foundation in consultation with Delhaize Group and with financial support from the European Commission. The online course and this guide are part of a project that seeks to develop a set of tools for companies looking to address the issue of human trafficking. You can access all the tools at:

This training material is primarily designed to educate corporate employees about human trafficking. The training does not target a specific employee group or industry, but is intended to raise awareness about trafficking on a broad scale. Hence, other groups in society looking to learn more about this complex issue can easily use this training guide as well. The guide can be used as reading material on its own, or serve as the base for interactive workshops and group discussions. If you use it as training material, feel free to add a chapter about what you and your company do, or plan to do, to fight human trafficking.

The training guide is composed of three chapters, each focusing on answering three key questions: what is human trafficking, why does human trafficking exist, and, how can we fight human trafficking. Each chapter is divided into regular and optional sub-sections, which allow you to go into more detail in certain areas. Optional sections are marked with Roman numerals. The course starts and ends with two short questionnaires, intended to support the learning process and identify any gaps in the understanding of human trafficking. At the end of the course, a summary is provided, as well as suggestions on resources for continued learning.

Thank you for your interest to learn more about human trafficking. We hope you finish this course feeling empowered to help create a world where no one is for sale.


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