Happy Birthday! Celebrating 17 Years of Not For Sale!

Dear Friends & Supporters:

Today — February 5th — is Not For Sale’s 17th birthday.

We at Not For Sale wanted to take a moment to reflect back on our shared impact in combating human trafficking and to express our gratitude for your love and support over our 17 years, thank you!

Since 2007 we’ve supported nearly 450,000 people, including thousands of survivors of human trafficking. Our environmental conservation efforts have been equally impactful. We’ve conserved over 753 square miles of Amazon rainforest and proactively planted 26,799 trees, capturing over 7,600 tonnes of CO2.

As we look towards 2024, we’re excited about our future initiatives and deeply grateful for your continued support.

For example, we’ve been invited to collaborate with an indigenous-owned mining consortium in Australia. Our focus will be on programs that uplift the economic and environmental health of indigenous communities in the Outback.

Not For Sale president Dave Batstone observes mining techniques in the Australian Outback
Not For Sale president Dave Batstone discusses new mining technologies with Traditional Owner, Roy Jensen, the owner of an Australian mining company

Drawing on our successful models from the Peruvian Amazon, we aim to enhance local economic conditions in a way that benefits the Traditional Owners and addresses the environmental damage caused by previous mining operations.

This project is a true embodiment of our dedication to sustainable growth and environmental conservation.

Coming Attractions


Watch the promo video of our soon to be released series of videos interviewing our projects and partners, starting with Vi Do, the Co-CEO of our partner agency in Vietnam. Vi (pictured below, right) is a former street child, and was even one of Blue Dragon’s first beneficiaries. His story is truly incredible!

When available, we’ll share the full interview with you via email, or you can find it on our social channels and on our website.



On this special day, we thank you, our dedicated donors and partners. Your support has been crucial in our dual mission of ending human trafficking and protecting our planet.

Here’s to another year of making a difference together!


With heartfelt thanks,

Dave Batstone & Mark Wexler


Not For Sale

Empowering Change: Aydee Chaeta’s Inspiring Journey

In the heart of Madre de Dios, a region of the Peruvian Amazon, a remarkable journey unfolds through the life of Aydee Silva Chaeta Saavedra, a beacon of hope from the Palma Real Native Community.

A Decade of Dedication

Over a decade ago, Palma Real sought our assistance to help their children pursue brighter futures. Together, we embarked on a mission to provide education and opportunities for these young minds.

Breaking Barriers

With your unwavering support, we removed barriers by covering school fees and providing housing for over 30 Palma Real children. This support enabled them to chase their educational dreams, and the attached photo reflects the unity and hope that emerged from this collaboration.

(Apologies for the fuzzy photos, but they are all we could find of Aydee’s cohort of students back in their community and in front of their dormitory — it was a long time ago!

But trust us, Aydee is in these photos!)

A Nursing Success

Aydee Chaeta’s journey epitomizes the impact of your generosity. With determination, she graduated as a registered nurse, symbolizing the triumph of perseverance and ambition.

A New Chapter

We’re delighted to share Aydee’s latest chapter: her appointment to the prestigious Governing Board of FENAMAD. This appointment underscores her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

Guardians of Communities

FENAMAD, or “Federación Nativa del Río Madre de Dios y Afluentes,” is devoted to safeguarding the well-being of all 36 Native Communities in Madre de Dios, including isolated indigenous groups like the “no contact people” deep in the Amazon rainforests of southern Peru.

A Moment of Pride

The attached photo captures Aydee at her swearing-in ceremony, a moment that showcases her grace and determination in taking on this vital role.


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