From The Frontlines: Vi Do’s Transformational Journey from Streetchild to CEO

Watch our first ‘From The Frontlines’ video series.

We are thrilled to present an intimate and inspiring interview with Vi Do, Co-CEO of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Hosted by our very own Mark Wexler, co-founder of Not For Sale, this episode is a deep dive into the life of a man who turned his trials into triumph.

Vi Do’s life is a story of extraordinary transformation. Born into extreme poverty in rural Vietnam, Vi faced immense challenges from an early age. His journey through his father’s illness and the hardships of life on the streets of Hanoi is one of resilience and determination.

The turning point in Vi’s life was his chance meeting with CNN Heroes award winner Michael Brosowski, which not only altered his path but also played a pivotal role in the birth of Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon now stands as a beacon of hope for children facing similar crises across Vietnam, offering services from rescue and legal advocacy to education and shelter.

Vi’s journey from the streets of Vietnam to becoming a leader in child welfare and fighting human trafficking is a testament to the power of community support and the human spirit.

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About Blue Dragon:

Dedicated to meeting the critical needs of children in rural Vietnam, Blue Dragon is at the forefront of addressing major issues like trafficking, homelessness, and exploitation. Their holistic approach in providing comprehensive care, education, and empowerment paves the way for brighter futures. Support their mission and be part of a change that matters.

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