Country Project


South Africa’s Story

Not For Sale South Africa highlights the plight of street children in Durban, South Africa. We empower ex-street children and children at risk of street connectedness through surfing and mentorship.

Our children’s home is a safe space in which children can live safely and learn life skills to eventually reintegrate into society. We partner with the organization, “Surfers Not Street Children,” that have been working on the rights of street children in South Africa for over 25 years.


1. To identify and empower street children in Durban and beyond to be able to leave the street life and reintegrate back into society successfully.

2. To ensure that the children are developed in order to be independent and sustainable in their adult lives.

3. To identify children at risk of becoming street children or at risk of street-involvement and to divert them, offering them new hope.

4. To change the way that society perceives and treats street children (advocacy.)