People of faith have an important role to play in ending modern-day slavery and creating
new futures. Although there is diversity in our faith and in how we live it out, we are all
united in the belief that stealing another person’s destiny is a grave evil that must be
opposed in both word and deed.
Not For Sale is delighted to offer yet another tool for engagement. This Fast For Freedom
Guide that you hold in your hands reflects the statements above. It is written by a variety
of people from various Christian communities, in different countries, with different faith
backgrounds – pastors, students, teachers, and everyday abolitionists alike. Despite the
diversity, there is unity in the desire to see an end to modern-day slavery, and the passion
to make that happen through prayer, fasting, and action. All of us can do significant
things to bring about change.
This Fast For Freedom Guide combines the spiritual disciplines of prayer, scripture, and
fasting. But this guide is not a static document. Its intent is to help the mind, heart, and
spirit combine with smart activism. We hope that each day these spiritual disciplines will
be the catalyst for action as you live out true freedom in your community and bring
freedom to others. Don’t forget to look at the action guide in the back to learn how you
can be an agent of change.

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