This training guide is based on the online training tool Human Trafficking Awareness Course, developed by Not For Sale and the Samilia Foundation in consultation with Delhaize Group and with financial support from the European Commission. The online course and this guide are part of a project that seeks to develop a set of tools for companies looking to address the issue of human trafficking. You can access all the tools at:

This training material is primarily designed to educate corporate employees about human trafficking. The training does not target a specific employee group or industry, but is intended to raise awareness about trafficking on a broad scale. Hence, other groups in society looking to learn more about this complex issue can easily use this training guide as well. The guide can be used as reading material on its own, or serve as the base for interactive workshops and group discussions. If you use it as training material, feel free to add a chapter about what you and your company do, or plan to do, to fight human trafficking.

The training guide is composed of three chapters, each focusing on answering three key questions: what is human trafficking, why does human trafficking exist, and, how can we fight human trafficking. Each chapter is divided into regular and optional sub-sections, which allow you to go into more detail in certain areas. Optional sections are marked with Roman numerals. The course starts and ends with two short questionnaires, intended to support the learning process and identify any gaps in the understanding of human trafficking. At the end of the course, a summary is provided, as well as suggestions on resources for continued learning.

Thank you for your interest to learn more about human trafficking. We hope you finish this course feeling empowered to help create a world where no one is for sale.


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