What if you could reach into your refrigerator and grab a beverage that was not only smoothly delicious and wholly plant-based, but also packed with traditional herbal ingredients that could provide extraordinary benefits to your body and mind? And what if your purchase of that beverage also made you part of a social and environmental movement that promotes lasting good in communities throughout the world? Would you want to buy that product? Meet REBBL, a beverage company creating elixirs and protein drinks based on coconut milk and enhanced with adaptogens from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.

Palo Hawken and Sheryl O’Loughlin set out to create a healthy beverage—and in the process redefined success to include promoting lasting good in communities throughout the world.

“A Cause Looking For a Company”

The genesis of REBBL was unusual, to say the least. It started with Not for Sale (NFS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. NFS wanted to partner with a company that shared values and practices that would enhance its mission.

That’s when they enlisted Palo Hawken, an inventor who was enthralled with indigenous edible and medicinal herbology. Palo’s goal was clear: “To create the world’s greatest beverage company, while re-imagining the very DNA of what business is, from the ground up.”

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