We are proud to contribute to the cause of Not For Sale. Not For Sale is a network to grow self-sustaining social projects with purpose-driven business to end exploitation and forced labor. Because slavery is alive and thriving. It’s about giving people trapped in exploitation an alternative in life by providing shelter, life skills and offering education. Through projects in 4 countries and more than 600 supply chain grades available for consumers and brands alike, Not For Sale is creating a world where no one is for sale. Cheers to that!

Not for Sale Ale
Not for Sale Ale started in Sweden and contacted our brewery for their craft ale. Not For Sale Ale – Craft Lager is not just another beer! By channelling 100% of profit to fight human trafficking its unique in the world.

About the beer
Not For Sale Ale – Craft Lager – brewed by Brouwerij de Molen is an enjoyable hazy blond beauty of 4.7%. Citrus and fruity aromas dominate the nose of this beer that was late- and dry hopped with premiant and cascade hops. The qualities of these hops give floral and light sweet herbal tones in the taste. An ideal companion for spicy food as well as a very enjoyable weeknight lager.

See more about Not For Sale Ale here: https://brouwerijdemolen.nl/en/not-for-sale-ale/