Zak Batstone is looking to change the world through sustainable footwear company Z Shoes. We take a look at his Red Bull Wingfinder results to see which traits helped to create a successful start-up.
There aren’t many 25-year-olds who can say they’ve started their own successful business and even fewer that are actively helping the world at the same time. At an age where most of us were still having fun and finding our feet in the world, Zak Batstone co-founded organic footwear company Z Shoes.
Along with his father, David, Batstone created Z Shoes to offer an organic option when it comes to footwear. His shoes are produced from organic cotton and rubber sourced from indigenous communities in Peru, with rubber extracted from trees using a sustainable process that enables the tree to continue to grow and supply more rubber to the surrounding communities.
With a fair wage paid to all the people involved in the creation and manufacturing process, Z Shoes offers something you can truly feel good about wearing, and it’s little surprise to see that innovation is one of the driving forces behind Batstone’s personality.
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