Often times today’s market makes customers feel that they need to buy more to be happy instead of reminding customers that they are enough. Many brands pressure consumers into believing they are not good enough and, in a sense, are against self love. Z Shoes Organic is defying this by crafting a shoe that represents positive values all around. Z Shoe’s new Self Love Collection features an ethically crafted sneaker that empowers, inspires, and encourages women to love themselves.

Z Shoes Organic empowers communities in developing areas through responsible material sourcing and craftsmanship of their sneakers. I am so in love with their new Self Love collection! The new leather sneakers were designed to encourage women to feel confident in their own skin and embrace being perfectly imperfect. The “#ZFORSHE” campaign launched during women’s empowerment month and has continued to give back through their donations. For each pairs of Self Love shoes sold, Z Shoes donates $5 toward empowering women around the world. Z Shoes has partnered up with 3 amazing NGO’s; Not For Sale, UN Women for Peace Association and World Wide Women. Each purchase directly supports their ongoing effort to empower women and create a world where no women is for sale.

Read more about Not For Sale in this awesome blog here: https://www.thehonestconsumer.com/blog/ethical-leather-sneakers