“I give you a 100% guarantee that through Not For Sale you will become happy again,” pronounces Faida, one of our thriving survivors at Not For Sale Netherlands. Showcasing immense strength and courage, she has repeatedly proven her ability to battle the odds and persevere despite numerous roadblocks along her path to rehabilitation.

Not For Sale met Faida after her escape from an exploitative domestic trafficking situation. She had traveled to the Netherlands to work as a housekeeper for distant relatives and soon realized the job was not as advertised. Her traffickers forced her to work long hours for no pay, with physical and emotional abuse, and little food. In order to coerce her to remain in her position, they threatened to slander Faida’s name back in her conservative home country.

Despite these coercive measures, Faida made the difficult decision to run away. Her traffickers made good on their threats, and it became impossible for Faida to return home with her damaged reputation. She turned to Not For Sale for help.

Not For Sale Netherlands gave Faida the tools she needed to build her confidence and gain skills to support herself financially. After advancing through culinary training, she has now secured two different jobs as a blossoming chef. She has also worked hard to learn both English and Dutch, making her feel more at home in a country where she once felt like an outsider. Even with all her progress, she still struggles for her voice to be heard as someone affected by domestic work trafficking – an often overlooked human rights issue. Her legal case was thrown out by the court because they regarded it only as a case of domestic violence, not human trafficking. However, Not For Sale has remained firm in its support for Faida and continues to provide resources for her recovery.

Faida will not let the naysayers slow her down. She is determined to make a life for herself in the Netherlands and show the world her capacity to contribute to society as an empowered survivor. #SheInspiresMe