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Give to change the course of a life affected by modern slavery.
As a child, Hoang* was a victim of severe domestic abuse. Before he received help from Not For Sale Vietnam, he endured in silence and bottled the fear and pain tightly inside him. Recognizing the trauma he had suffered, Not For Sale Vietnam created opportunities to care for his psychological, physical, social, and educational needs.

Today, Hoang has discovered his passions, and rebuilt his self-esteem and trust in the world. Hoang found his dream in becoming a Dessert Chef, and he hopes to travel abroad to learn from French Dessert Chefs in the future. Not For Sale Vietnam will support his goals and help him realize a life where he is able to provide for himself – and find happiness.

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*Name changed for Hoang’s protection.
Not For Sale partners with the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. Blue Dragon kids are street kids, children with disabilities, children from rural families living in extreme poverty, and victims of human trafficking and slavery. Not For Sale and Blue Dragon aim to rescue kids from danger, reunite them with their families when we can, and provide all the services needed for recovery and growth. Visit Blue Dragon’s page for more information.