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Give to change the course of a life affected by modern slavery.

Have you ever found yourself wanting a more heroic career — but you didn’t know how or when to start?

Founder of Not For Sale David Bastone outlined to the Slow Growth Podcast 7 pillars on which you can build a career that matters.

It’s less complicated than you might think:

It’s about persistence. It’s about talent. It’s about passion.

Changing the world and building a career must go hand-in-hand if you want to thrive in the coming decades, Batstone told Slow Hustle.

Listen to the podcast to learn Batstone’s 7 pillars to a heroic career:

  • Why Your Character Matters…
  • How and When To Take Risks
  • Why You Should Build a Lifestyle Instead of a Career
  • Why You MUST Follow Your Passion if You Want to Survive
  • What 2 Business Criteria Must You Meet To Partner with Not For Sale
  • Why Emphasizing Sustainability is a Requirement
  • How to Get Started… From Where You Are Now

Making Change While Making Profit with the Driven & Inspiring David Batstone

by David Batstone, Interviewed by Peter Awad, Slow Hustle