REBBL Appoints a Vice President of Impact

REBBL Appoints a Vice President of Impact

The Emeryville-based REBBL beverage company has just attained B Corp certification and expanded its team to include a new Vice President of Impact.

The company makes adaptogen-powered, coconut-milk-based, organic “super-herb” drinks using ingredients sourced from nearly thirty different countries. A percentage of sales is donated to its nonprofit partner, the anti-human-trafficking outfit Not For Sale. Last year, the company’s administrators signed a lease for a 5,500-square-foot Emeryville office.

Insiders call such purpose-driven business “impact work,” in that the choices made within such companies wield potentially wide social and environmental impact.

“When you choose REBBL, you choose to support values that we stand for,” said Librado Guerrero, senior vice president of REBBL’s supply chain.

“The impact of your purchase affects everyone involved in the supply chain, starting with the farmers, their families, and their communities. With each transaction, there’s a connection — that’s what makes REBBL special.”

For-profit companies can attain B Corp certification after attaining at least a minimum score in the B Lab review process comprising numerous “social and environmental performance” categories.

The idea behind B Corp certification is that it lends holders an extra layer of credibility. Over 2,600 companies in sixty countries, representing 150 different industries, currently hold B Corp certifications.

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This Week’s Recap: REBBL Organic Elixirs Celebrate B Corp Certification with New VP of Impact

This Week’s Recap: REBBL Organic Elixirs Celebrate B Corp Certification with New VP of Impact

Socially and environmentally conscious, adaptogen-powered beverage brand, REBBL, announces its B Corp Certification, as well as the expansion of its impact team to include a new Vice President of Impact. Combined, these powerful new developments will further bolster REBBL’s mission to generate positive social and environmental global impact. The purpose-driven company is helping eradicate human trafficking by impact sourcing its ingredients from nearly 30 countries around the world and donating 2.5% of all sales to the brand’s nonprofit partner, Not For Sale, which works to end exploitation and protect communities from human trafficking.

B Corp Certification through nonprofit, B Lab, requires a rigorous review process and self-assessment that measures a brand’s commitment to creating positive impact through accountability and transparency, commitment to social equality, employees and the environment. B Lab’s goal is to create a community of businesses that consider the impact company practices have on employees, suppliers, consumers and retailers and the global community and environment at-large. The brand received an Impact Assessment score of 117.3 (on a scale of 80 – 200), placing it 14 out of 159 in the food and beverage category.

“Impact work is woven into the very DNA of our brand,” explains REBBL Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Librado Guerrero. “The B Corp Certification holds validity and credibility to work we prioritize: fair labor practices, transparency in supply chain, regenerative business practices, and community empowerment. B Corp Certification and the legal obligations of disclosure required by the affiliation help cement the practices and ethos that have been a part of REBBL from its beginning.”

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Have You Heard?: Just Business Is Not Business As Usual

Have You Heard?: Just Business Is Not Business As Usual

Just Business, an investment company with headquarters in San Francisco, announced today that it has closed the seed round of its new Innovate For Good Fund. The $1.6m seed round is intended to accelerate the growth of early-stage enterprises that fit the mission of the fund to generate tangible impact while delivering a solid financial return for its investors.

Just Business is the independent investment arm of the international non-profit, Not For Sale. The investment firm is widely known for its incubation of REBBL, one of the most successful functional beverages in the USA market and a Guru client.

The Just Business “Origin Fund” also incubated Dignitá, a very successful restaurant enterprise headquartered in Amsterdam, and served as the sole investor to grow Square Organics.

“We are dedicated to bringing more dignity to people and planet,” says David Batstone, the managing partner and co-founder of Just Business, “and the best way to do that is to embed that mission into the core of business enterprises that we believe can scale.”

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Just In Case You Forgot: Self Love Shoes By Z Shoes Organic

Just In Case You Forgot: Self Love Shoes By Z Shoes Organic

Often times today’s market makes customers feel that they need to buy more to be happy instead of reminding customers that they are enough. Many brands pressure consumers into believing they are not good enough and, in a sense, are against self love. Z Shoes Organic is defying this by crafting a shoe that represents positive values all around. Z Shoe’s new Self Love Collection features an ethically crafted sneaker that empowers, inspires, and encourages women to love themselves.

Z Shoes Organic empowers communities in developing areas through responsible material sourcing and craftsmanship of their sneakers. I am so in love with their new Self Love collection! The new leather sneakers were designed to encourage women to feel confident in their own skin and embrace being perfectly imperfect. The “#ZFORSHE” campaign launched during women’s empowerment month and has continued to give back through their donations. For each pairs of Self Love shoes sold, Z Shoes donates $5 toward empowering women around the world. Z Shoes has partnered up with 3 amazing NGO’s; Not For Sale, UN Women for Peace Association and World Wide Women. Each purchase directly supports their ongoing effort to empower women and create a world where no women is for sale.

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Dignita: Eat Well While Doing Good

Dignita: Eat Well While Doing Good

Eat well while doing good! Almost everything is made from scratch at this lovely cafe and 100% of Dignita’s profits go towards supporting Not For Sale. Best of all – brunch all day!


Have a delicious meal while supporting a terrific social enterprise at Dignita!

Almost everything is made from scratch at this lovely cafe. (with 2 locations!) And many of the ingredients are locally sourced from suppliers like Lindenhoff and Slagerij de Wit.

You’ll find coffee and tea, smoothies and juices on the menu – but you can also come for a cocktail or glass of wine. And best of all, brunch all day! There are a ton of seriously tasty options on the menu. I absolutely LOVED the courgette & chickpea fritters. And they were extremely filling.

Dignita has two yummy locations, one in Zuid near Vondelpark and one in the beautiful Hoftuin gardens behind the Hermitage. The Hoftuin location uses vegetables from the adjacent garden. They also have a play area for kids and a nice sunny terrace.

Dignita is part of the Not For Sale social enterprise organization. Not For Sale is a wonderful international organization that works with victims of human trafficking. Not for Sale provides work training programs and helps people become reintegrated into society. 100% of Dignita’s profits go towards supporting the work of Not For Sale.

Be sure to also visit the Dignita shop and small cafe in the Red Light District.

Read more about Not For Sale’s impact in Amsterdam here:


Herb-Infused Coconut Milk Rebbl Raises $20 million from Cavu Venture Partners

Herb-Infused Coconut Milk Rebbl Raises $20 million from Cavu Venture Partners

Rebbl, which makes coconut milk-based drinks with herbs and plants, is raising $20 million in funding led by Cavu Venture Partners, the brand said ahead of a formal announcement Friday.

Rebbl says it has $20 million to $50 million in annual sales and expects to be growing at a rate of 70 percent by the end of the year. The new fundraising values it at close to $100 million.

The company is led by Sheryl O’Loughlin, former CEO of Clif Bar and Plum Organics baby food, and co-founded by Palo Hawken and David Batstone.

The drink uses “super-herbs” and “adaptagens,” which Rebbl claims have benefits including a decrease in stress hormones. It makes elixirs like its Matcha Latte and cold-brew coffees with protein that promise to provide energy.

That puts them into a new generation of drinks that call themselves “functional,” often low or no-sugar beverages that purport to nourish better than the previous class of sugary or caffeine-fueled sports drinks. Among them is a rush of new kombucha drink brands or drinks like coconut-water infused BodyArmor that say they have more vitamins and fewer artificial ingredients than their predecessors.

Amid this uprising, PepsiCo’s Gatorade, which created the sports drink category and long dominated it, has ceded market share.

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The Passion Behind the Product: Rebels With a Cause

The Passion Behind the Product: Rebels With a Cause

What if you could reach into your refrigerator and grab a beverage that was not only smoothly delicious and wholly plant-based, but also packed with traditional herbal ingredients that could provide extraordinary benefits to your body and mind? And what if your purchase of that beverage also made you part of a social and environmental movement that promotes lasting good in communities throughout the world? Would you want to buy that product? Meet REBBL, a beverage company creating elixirs and protein drinks based on coconut milk and enhanced with adaptogens from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines.

Palo Hawken and Sheryl O’Loughlin set out to create a healthy beverage—and in the process redefined success to include promoting lasting good in communities throughout the world.

“A Cause Looking For a Company”

The genesis of REBBL was unusual, to say the least. It started with Not for Sale (NFS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking. NFS wanted to partner with a company that shared values and practices that would enhance its mission.

That’s when they enlisted Palo Hawken, an inventor who was enthralled with indigenous edible and medicinal herbology. Palo’s goal was clear: “To create the world’s greatest beverage company, while re-imagining the very DNA of what business is, from the ground up.”

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Last Week Today: 2018 Concordia Annual Summit to Feature Jennifer Lawrence, Michel Temer, Kristalina Georgieva, among others

Last Week Today: 2018 Concordia Annual Summit to Feature Jennifer Lawrence, Michel Temer, Kristalina Georgieva, among others

Serving as the largest nonpartisan convening alongside the United Nations General Assembly, the 2018 Concordia Annual Summit was held on September 24-25 at the Grand Hyatt New York.

The 2018 Concordia Annual Summit heard from the following speakers: Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar-Winning Actor and Board Member of Represent.Us; Michel Temer, President of BrazilKristalina Georgieva, CEO of the World Bank; Bernard-Henri Lévy, Philosopher, Filmmaker, and Activist; Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber; Danilo Medina, President of the Dominican RepublicDr. Tom Coburn, Former Member of the United States Senate; Bradford L. Smith, President of Microsoft; Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States; Lorena Castillo de Varela, First Lady of the Republic of PanamaLiz Schrayer, President & CEO of U.S. Global Leadership Coalition; Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty, III, Former White House Chief of Staff under Clinton Administration; Thomas S. Kaplan, Environmentalist, Philanthropist, and Investor; Andrew Liveris, Former Chairman & CEO of Dow Chemical; David Batstone, Co-Founder of Just Business, Not For Sale, REBBL, Dignita & Z Shoes Organic; Michael Sneed, Executive Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs & Chief Communication Officer at Johnson & Johnson; HRH Princess Lamia Al Saud, Secretary General and Member of the Board of Trustees at Alwaleed Philanthropies; Jan Saumweber, Senior Vice President of Responsible Sourcing at Walmart; Premal Shah, President & Co-Founder of Kiva; Jay Collins; Vice Chairman of Corporate & Investment Banking at Citi.

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How Spence Diamonds’ new CMO Plans to Grow the Company

How Spence Diamonds’ new CMO Plans to Grow the Company

Over its first 40 years in the diamond business, Vancouver’s Spence Diamonds focused almost exclusively on a mass radio strategy featuring ads that many people loved to hate. While memorable, the ads resulted in negative perceptions of the brand, as some people “thought that the quality of the product was just as bad as the ads,” as a Spence case study puts it.

As Spence’s new CMO, Veeral Rathod plans to take the company in another direction. Named to the role a month ago, Rathod believes the brand can leverage its competitive advantage – an extensive product offering and customer-centric strategy – to further grow its business in markets across North America.

Rathod (pictured, right) co-founded American menswear brand J. Hilburn, which built its business around offering custom-tailored clothing for men, and sees many parallels between the apparel and diamond industries. He replaces Frank Hamlin, who became the brand’s first chief marketer in May, only to leave for a role with American video game company, GameStop.

While leading J. Hilburn, Rathod spent little on traditional paid marketing, choosing to focus instead on building a brand focused entirely on the customer. And he believes Spence has laid the groundwork for a similar strategy.

Read more about Not For Sale’s influence on this diamond business here:


These Health Drinks are Also Fighting Human Trafficking

These Health Drinks are Also Fighting Human Trafficking

The anti-human trafficking nonprofit Not For Sale has been working with victims around the world–from Thailand to Uganda to Peru–for nearly a decade, but after years of effort, its staff realized they weren’t helping solve the problem at its core.

“It really struck me that I could be building 10,000 shelters and I wouldn’t really address the root causes of trafficking, nor would I make a dent in the 30 million-plus people who were caught in the practices of human trafficking around the world,” says Dave Bastone, the nonprofit’s co-founder. “So I said, why don’t I come up with a more viable business strategy?”

In Lima, Peru, many of the children they met who had been thrown into the sex industry had come from the Amazon, where indigenous families were struggling as illegal logging and mining threatened their livelihoods. If the economy was stronger, Bastone thought, kids would be at less risk of trafficking. A brainstorming session led to an idea to spin off a new startup: Rebbl, a drink company that sources ingredients from the Amazon, and, later, from other impoverished parts of the world. “We wanted to create a profitable venture that would bring back viable economic platforms in the Amazon,” says Bastone.

Read more about Rebbl and Not For Sale here: