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NFS Vietnam Update: Rescue in the days of COVID-19

It took Lan more than 4 years to find a chance of escape. In the end, it was the coronavirus that gave her the opportunity to call for help. Trafficked from Vietnam into Hunan province, she was sold to a violent Chinese man who treated her as an object and beat her...

I am, because you are

15 years ago I sat on a balcony overlooking the Indian Ocean in Durban, South Africa. I was with my former professor and future co-founder of Not For Sale, David Batstone. Stiff drink in hand, we discussed this insane thing called human trafficking. It was during this...

NFS Vietnam Update

It’s hardly news at all now. The coronavirus, COVID-19, has swept the world. From some murmured concerns in December, this viral infection is now the daily lead story everywhere. People are worried. Over 130,000 are sick. Almost 5,000 have died. In response, the world...

Rebbl With A Cause

Several thousand people are estimated to be subjected to trafficking within Peru, including forced labor in mining, logging, and agriculture. Many of these people come from impoverished regions of the Amazon.   Working to help these survivors, Not For Sale...

We Thought We Were Forgotten

That was a line that was said to me by a man named Simon, who won the past year’s Entrepreneurship Challenge, an event created by Spence Diamonds and Not For Sale to invest in refugee-started enterprises. This man had nothing but an idea, and he went with it. He...

A Story of Generosity

A Story of Generosity

Last December, a rock musician named Toon in Thailand announced that he was raising money for public healthcare, undertaking a 1,300 mile run over 55 days to gain interest in the cause. Toon asked every Thai person to give 10 baht (about a quarter) which, when pooled...

Sheryl O’Loughlin – CEO, REBBL

Sheryl O’Loughlin – CEO, REBBL

REBBL is a company that was born from a cause, rather than a company that went out looking for a cause to support. In 2000, ethics professor David Batstone discovered a human trafficking ring at a restaurant in his San Francisco neighborhood. He and photojournalist...