Kilian Moote

By May 23, 2014 No Comments

Kilian has been involved with Not For Sale since its inception in 2007. Before joining Not For Sale, Kilian worked with the Mayor’s Office in San Francisco and The European Commission Delegation in Washington, D.C. He has extensive experience working with elected officials and has advised various government agencies on ways to effectively address human trafficking and other labor issues. Since 2009, Kilian has been the lead voice and vision of Free2Work, Not For Sale’s risk assessment tool, which has informed over 500 brands on how they can reduce the risks to human trafficking in their supply chains. Kilian guest lectures on corporate social responsibility and risk mitigation at various graduate programs including the University of Technology Australia and the University of San Francisco. Despite how is bio reads he is a very interesting person and was named the most athletic individual on staff–by himself.

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