Critical Addition to Not For Sale Thailand

By February 14, 2013 News, Thailand No Comments

This week, Not For Sale is delighted to welcome Kusumal Rachawong as Not For Sale Thailand Coordinator, to manage and oversee the implementation of Not For Sale’s project activities in-country. Kusumal comes as a huge asset to the team, bringing an incredible wealth of experience, built over 30 plus years of experience working for the protection and rights of children in Thailand and across South East Asia.


Amongst other achievements, Kusumal as served as a consultant to UNICEF, ILO and advisor to local government, conducting research and developing strategies for effective response to issues relating to child trafficking, forced labour and the exploitation of children. In addition, she has coordinated and overseen the implementation of children’s welfare programs in partnership with a number of UN agencies and NGOs, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Kusumal said that she was delighted to be joining the team and contribute her experience to the growth of Not For Sale’s work in Thailand. It is her vision to see more stateless children assisted through effective and long term care.

“My hopes for Not For Sale Thailand in 2013 are many. Most of all, to focus on developing our project systems and activities for the sustainability of our work”.

Kusumal’s addition to the team comes at a critical time for the project. This year, more than 20 young people at the Children’s Home are predicted to leave for higher education, including those accepting places at university. 

Not For Sale hopes to be able to keep supporting these young people in the next stage of reintegration, on top of providing urgently sought rehabilitation and care to many more stateless and rescued children, at the Children’s Home. Please help us lend vital support where it is most needed by giving today. No one should be for sale.

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