Slavery, Chocolate, and YOU!

picture-3Earlier this month over 50 young kids, ages 11-17 were rescued out of slavery on chocolate farms in the Ivory Coast, an area continuously effected by forced labor and slavery.  As reported on Interpol’s website:

“The children had been bought by plantation owners needing cheap labour to harvest the cocoa and palm plantations. They were discovered working under extreme conditions, forced to carry massive loads seriously jeopardizing their health.  Aged between 11 and 16, children told investigators they would regularly work 12 hours a day and receive no salary or education. Girls were usually purchased as house maids and would work a seven-day week all year round, often in addition to their duties in the plantations.”

As a consumer we need to do our part to help end forced labor within the chocolate industry!  As a consumer there are three things Not For Sale Campaign will engage you to do:

Use your power of choice to change demand by joining a community of consumers engaged in this fight on

Proof of Non-Purchase

Order or download “proof of non-purchases” to encourage your favorite retailer to stock freely made chocolate

Use Chocolate for YOUR next fundraiser:

Not For Sale Campaign has partnered with Sweet Earth Chocolate to create a fundraiser that will support you in your fundraising goal while also supporting NFS Ghana, and the best part is all the chocolate is produced using fair labor practices!  For more info email [email protected]

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