Our Brand Is
Not For Sale

Every brand begins with a story, and ours began on the streets of Northern Thailand. In 2006, university professor and investment banker David Batstone made a promise to a fearless woman named Kru Nam that the children she was rescuing from slavery would not be forgotten. Less than a year later, Not For Sale was born.

Over the next 6 years, the same set of words that sparked our birth on February 5, 2007 continued to grow louder in our ears. Soon it became the marching beat that awoke us each morning. It was the simple truth, the very basic human right, that no one should be for sale.

Today, we stand firm in our tracks, looking ahead at the journey before us. Our mission to serve rescued children in Thailand has evolved into also creating new business models to transform exploited communities across the globe. We burn with a passion deeper than ever to restore safety and security to the oppressed and end human trafficking, once and for all.

Not For Sale began 6 years ago as a small tribe of abolitionists raising the orange flag for freedom. Since then, we have realized that our flag is more of a canopy; a banner that waves over a united ecosystem of friends and partners, all marching towards one destination: The end of slavery.

Freedom is
Not For Sale

Dignity is
Not For Sale

Justice is
Not For Sale

We are
Not For Sale


From building new futures for stateless children in Thailand, to vocational training for women in the red-light district of Amsterdam; From creating new job opportunities for rescued women in India, to addressing root causes of slavery forcommunities in the Peruvian Amazon… 

We Transform
Not For Sale


NOT FOR SALE is more than a brand; it’s a battle cry. It is a declaration of truth for cities, nations, people groups and communities… because the people in them are Not For Sale.

I am Not For Sale. You are Not For Sale. And together, we will continue forward until every man, woman and child carries that title: Not For Sale.

  • Not For
  • Human
  • Breaks
    the Cycle of
  • Empowers
    the Most
  • We Are
    Not For


I am Not For Sale


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