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Houston Chocolate Box

This Mother’s Day, Give a Gift that Gives Dignity

“95% of chocolate on store shelves today has been sourced unethically*,” says Kristen Carr, Director of Not For Sale Houston. “But here in Houston, we’re lucky enough to have a chocolate company called Araya, which has chocolate that is not only delicious, but ethically-made as well.”


Faith Communities Around the World to Celebrate Freedom Sunday

More than 4,000 churches in 100 countries have already responded to this call to action by registering for Freedom Sunday on February 26, 2012. The message they seek to disseminate is clear: Set the captives free … by praying, fasting, and giving for freedom. Manifested within this global celebration of freedom is the potential for churches to become further engaged in the movement to end human trafficking. Freedom Sunday can transcend the framework of a one-day event and serve as a transformative learning experience for churches to become long-term “agents of redemption.”

Community Abolitionist Network

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Abolitionist Community Organizer Position Available

We are looking for a motivated, self-starter who wants to engage the Houston community in effective change that will end human slavery and trafficking.

The NFS Houston Abolitionist Community Organizer will increase awareness, build strong partnerships between stakeholders, and promote action and local community change as part of the NFS team.

NFS Academy | Dennis Mark


One of the major obstacles that we face in the fight against the trading in human property is that the crime is hidden – more often than not it is hiding in plain sight. By taking part in the Not For Sale Abolitionist Academies you will be given the lenses required to recognize modern-day slavery in its different manifestations and identify it. You will begin the process of shifting the paradigms and unpacking the misconceptions that surround the issue. You will learn why it is paramount that the abolitionist movement must be a united and global movement. By the end of the training, more than anything you should recognize that YOU are part of the movement.


Get Trained to Fight Slavery

San Francisco, March 14-18, 2011

Learn to map, document, and investigate cases of modern-day slavery… in your own backyard and across the globe.

This Spring, join Not For Sale staff in San Francisco for the acclaimed Investigator Academy, and learn from today’s leaders in law enforcement and aftercare on the ways YOU can fight modern slavery.

One trained Investigator moved to Africa and has assisted law enforcement in rescuing 47 girls from human trafficking.

What will you do with your training?


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