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Romania: Empowering Through Employment

Since joining efforts with our partner Mariana 2 years ago in Romania, the work that Not For Sale has been doing to protect and rehabilitate survivors of trafficking has increased drastically. Last year, all of our Romanian beneficiaries went from making less than 100 dollars per month to being employed. This tremendous increase in employment […]


Marisa is not alone

Every day, another woman walks through the doors at Not For Sale Romania. Each story unique, each life marked by the horrors of human trafficking. Here is Marisa’s story. Marisa grew up in an orphanage in Romania, where living conditions are bleak. Programs are overburdened and under-resourced. After outgrowing the orphanage, she began earning a […]

Not For Sale Romania Director nominated for Trust Women Hero Award

A young woman comes into the office, no older than 25. She’s carrying a 3 month old and two young children follow closely behind. Mariana Petersel approaches the woman with a calm, natural address. While straightforward and direct, her voice is not lacking compassion. “Have you and your children had lunch?” she asks in Romanian. […]
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Sold for sex in Romania

Olivia grew up in an orphanage in Romania. This, in itself, is a grave fate. Tens of thousands of children live in notoriously poor conditions in these state-run institutions. At age 11, she moved in with her aunt. While she found a safer environment than the orphanage, she still had very little support with the […]

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Prevention Camp Helps Educate At-risk Youth in Romania

Our partners in Romania just held their first prevention camp for children this year (the last one they held was targeted at teenagers). They worked with local schools and Child Protective Services to identify at-risk youth who would benefit from attendance. This included children from local orphanages (of which there are many in Romania) and […]
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Have you seen our latest Causes campaign?

Child slavery is a reality that cannot be accepted as an inevitable evil, but instead must be fought head-on.  This summer, we are focusing on fighting for children. Most of the children we work with have only experienced life as pain and suffering, with your help we can change that. To learn more about how your […]

Sold: Romanian girl, 11 years old

At 11, Cristina was sold by her mother. At 13 she was taken from Romania to Hungary where she was forced to work in prostitution for the next three years. When she was moved to Italy, Cristina was finally rescued by the police and taken to Not For Sale’s rehabilitation program in Romania. At 16 […]


Farming for Freedom in Romania

Our project in Romania has been growing, and that growth means we are able to successfully transform more lives. Our Calacea farm project is 17 miles outside of our center in the city of Timisoara. At the farm, survivors of human trafficking learn to farm sustainably as job skill development, and as an important step towards personal healing.
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Walking the Road to Recovery with Ann

Report by Mariana Petersel, Not For Sale Romania Director For months we have been walking together with Ann on the road from cruelty, deception and shame to many more like Ann who cannot walk this road without us.


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