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Current fellow Matthew Collard joined the Fellowship looking for his role in the movement to re-abolish slavery. “When I first applied to the Fellowship all I knew was that I felt like I had a purpose in combating human trafficking and working to end modern-day slavery, but I didn’t know what my exact role would be. I thought the Fellowship would be a good chance to find out where I fit into the movement, where I could offer the most, and it has.”

Fellows at Bloomingdale's

From the Fellows: “A Lifestyle”

Let’s make that passion into a lifestyle. Let’s change our culture. Let’s start with changing the way we buy things. Let’s make it a norm to be more conscious of purchases. Refuse to buy products that slaves have made. As a consumer, you have the ultimate power over companies.

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“Why I’m Fasting For Freedom” – by Katie Bergman

Retreating from the world’s problems is not an option for a person committed to following a God that calls for the “chains of injustice” to be untied (Isaiah 58). Sacrificing comfort, stability, and security in order to actively serve others was Jesus’ mission statement. With the Bible containing almost 2,000 passages pertaining to social justice, there is no rationalization for the Christian church’s apathy.

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From HQ: Fellows Take Part in CNN’s “Fair Trade Chocolate Challenge”

Not For Sale is supportive of any grassroots initiative that promotes the importance of ethically-sourced products, like Fair-trade chocolate, and believes these campaigns have a positive impact. Just last week, the chocolate producer Hershey pledged $10 million over the next five years to educate West African cocoa farmers on improving their trade and combating child labor.

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From HQ: Fellowship Program Featured on

Not For Sale is featured in a timely article on today, highlighting seven things people can do to make an impact in the fight against modern-day slavery.

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From HQ: Thanks to our Amazing Fellows!

Not For Sale is saying goodbye to its current group of hardworking young fellows today.

The fellows joined Not For Sale in July of this year after selflessly dedicated the last six months of their lives to the abolitionist movement and ending modern slavery worldwide.

Natalie Wartew

“What does the modern-day abolitionist movement need to succeed?”

Recently at Not For Sale I have been working with various colleagues to look at how we can best communicate the fact that, in order to end modern-day slavery, we must do more than just raise awareness. That, in actuality, awareness of the problem is just the first (albeit hugely important) step in the process of abolition. So what comes next?

Sometimes when I try to describe things in the clearest way, I produce some pretty abstract metaphors. This week is no exception, so bear with me…

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Not For Sale is now accepting applications for its Fellowship Program, which recruits and prepares dedicated individuals to become leaders in the modern-day abolitionist movement. Fellows work alongside national staff, contributing to numerous projects and gaining dynamic hands-on leadership experience.


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