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From Georgia: Profile of An Abolitionist

Rebecca discovered Not For Sale through Twitter in 2009 and was immediately drawn to the entrepreneurial focus as well as the plethora of actionable platforms and tools that Not For Sale offers. Moreover, Rebecca also found it appealing that she could fight modern-day slavery within her own community. Instead of relocating to Washington D.C. or Europe, Rebecca became involved as a Community Abolitionist Leader for her local Not For Sale chapter in Georgia.

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Academic Activism aspires to create justice holistically by empowering individuals to use their education as their advocacy. This is exemplified by the work of Not For Sale Australia and the University of Technology Sydney who are featuring two unique avenues of academic engagement: the Sydney Supply Chain Academy and the Free2Work Research Fellowship.

Academic Activism

ACADEMIC ACTIVISM | “Your Education is Your Advocacy.”

The challenge is this: to encourage and inspire true Academic Activism.  I see this as Not For Sale’s core competency; giving individuals, communities, companies, institutions, and industries different entry points into activism.  I am an academic.  I am a social entrepreneur.  I am a data analyst. I am a business executive.  I am a baseball player.  I can be all of these things and be an abolitionist, an activist.

Academy World Tour

Bring Not For Sale To You!

The Academy World Tour (AWT) was created to scale and strengthen a unified response to this global problem by directly engaging communities and helping them become leaders in abolitionist movement.

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It is one thing to understand that slavery still exists. It is another thing entirely to understand how to fight it. Awareness is the first step; we must however take another step, and another after that. Once I come upon the reality of modern slavery, how can I change the way I live and what specific maneuvers can I take, against this trade in human property? The Not For Sale Academy is an educational platform that exists to join these two spaces, awareness and action.

Freedom Sunday 2012

Freedom Sunday 2012 | Celebration and Action

Following on the heels of Freedom Sunday, Mark Wexler, Executive Director and Co-founder of Not For Sale, will present at Spring Arbor on February 29, followed by Kevin Austin, Director of the Abolitionist Faith Community, from March 7-9. In 2012, Not For Sale seeks to engage communities around the United States and the world, equipping individuals with innovative and practical solutions, and empowering them to work against the prevalence of modern-day slavery in their own backyards.

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Become a Smart Activist

Take action to end Modern-Day Slavery by attending the Not For Sale Abolitionist Academy and become a Smart Activist.

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From Headquarters: Dave Batstone interviewed on

Dave Batstone made a high-profile appearance on one of the US’s biggest online news sites this week, during which he spoke about the harsh realities of the slave trade in the United States and across the world. Well-known broadcaster Jonathan Hunt interviewed the President and Co-founder of Not For Sale on LIVE-Fox News’ web show yesterday morning.

Slavery Map

From Slavery Map: Data is a Powerful Tool

Not For Sale believes that reliable, accurate, effective data in the most powerful tool that the modern abolitionist movement has to bring human trafficking out of the shadows. As a result, it hopes to significantly develop this tool by raising more funds for it in 2012.

In order to provide the most accurate information, Not For Sale controls access to Slavery Map by only allowing individuals who have been trained to use it at the Investigator Academy to supply data and since June 2008 there have been 1,546 cases of human trafficking and modern-day slavery posted.


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