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Knowledge For Action – David Batstone Speaks On Wharton Radio Program

  We look for partners who can accelerate our impact, push the boundaries of our vision, and support our mission to create a world where no one is for sale. The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is just that type of relationship. Wharton prides itself on creating knowledge for action, “Wharton […]

Juniper Networks & Not For Sale

Not For Sale & The Most Ethical Company In The World

Juniper Networks has been named one of the top ethical technology companies in the world. We are impressed, but not surprised. Since 2010 we have been partnering with Juniper Networks to create a world where no one is for sale, and every year of our partnership they have received this acclaim. Together, we are building […]
NFS Giving Keys

Giving Keys Now Available

Today, Not For Sale is excited to announce the launch of a unique, limited edition, Not For Sale Giving Key – a necklace designed by The Giving Keys to support Not For Sale’s work around the world. This specialty piece of jewelry does not only contribute to the fight against human trafficking through proceeds from […]
Barlean's is Not For Sale

Barlean’s is Not For Sale

December 3, 2014 – Half Moon Bay, CA We are thrilled to announce that today, Barlean’s Organic Oils is not only announcing their partnership with Not For Sale, but has been so moved by our work that they have offered to be matching donors of up to $50,000 towards our goal of $1 million by […]

Dave and Toos

Small Steps Lead to Big Impact

Amsterdam, Netherlands On October 14th and 15th Not For Sale and 42 of Juniper Networks executives and top performing employees from Europe, Middle East and Africa held a joint conference, exploring how our partnership could best be used to fight human trafficking. It was a cozy, rainy day when the team sat down in Oude […]
NFS Soup

Not For Sale Soup Wins Two Design Awards

In February, Not For Sale launched a new brand identity, including a new logo that reflects the organization’s innovative methods of fighting human trafficking.  The designers behind the new logo, Tosh Hall and Jessica Minn, not only headed up the pro bono rebranding initiative, but also designed the label for Not For Sale’s newest product; the […]
2013 Q2 Impact Report

Q2 Impact Report Now Available

The 2013 Quarter 2 Impact Report is now available. Just as human trafficking is widespread and complex, so is our impact. This report serves to tell our story in clear, distinct terms so that you can understand where your support goes. The statistic we highlighted this quarter? 56% of those we support are children. One […]

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Official Ambassador Jeremy Affeldt Appears on CNN

On Friday, San Francisco Giants player Jeremy Affeldt appeared on CNN to promote his new book, “To Stir a Movement.” In the interview, Affeldt chronicles his early childhood connection to human trafficking, as well as his current motivation to play for the millions of children that are in captivity today. “Are you confident in the […]

Announcing Not For Sale Soup on shelves in over 100 stores in europe

    Today, Not For Sale is happy to announce that the global retail giant HEMA is joining us in the fight for freedom. To help support Not For Sale’s work around the world, HEMA is selling organic, high-quality soup and is donating a portion of the proceeds to Not For Sale. The four different soup […]


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