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Gold Mining in Peru: The Rise of Vulnerability

Peru has become one of the largest gold exporters in Latin America, relying on illegal mining to sustain the country.  The high volume ports leading into the gold mines are filled with bars, brothels, and night activity, increasing rates of forced prostitution. Men are being recruited and forced into one of Peru’s most dangerous lines […]


A Father Rescues His Daughter

On a recent trip to Peru we were able to meet two young women whose stories drive home why we are so certain that economic opportunity can help prevent exploitation. Both girls, cousins, grew up in a small indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon. There is no work where they live, and therefore no means […]
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Giving Keys Now Available

Today, Not For Sale is excited to announce the launch of a unique, limited edition, Not For Sale Giving Key – a necklace designed by The Giving Keys to support Not For Sale’s work around the world. This specialty piece of jewelry does not only contribute to the fight against human trafficking through proceeds from […]
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Impact in the Amazon

In Peru, we work with an association of indigenous communities to decrease the risk of human trafficking in the Amazon. While the environment is abundant with natural resources, these communities are isolated from the market, and larger corporations are exploiting not only the region’s resources but the labor of its people. Not For Sale is […]

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Lydia’s Story

Meet Lydia. Imagine that you are 15, the oldest of 8, and your father has just died. Your mother accepted a job as a cook at a nearby illegal logging camp, and was forced to become a prostitute. You need to find work and help put food on the table. But how? This was Lydia’s […]
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Have you seen our latest Causes campaign?

Child slavery is a reality that cannot be accepted as an inevitable evil, but instead must be fought head-on.  This summer, we are focusing on fighting for children. Most of the children we work with have only experienced life as pain and suffering, with your help we can change that. To learn more about how your […]
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Exploited because she wanted to go to school

At 16, Marta is eager to go to school and learn, but her village in the Amazon only has an elementary school. A contact of a friend offers to let Marta live with her in Lima, where they have better schools for Marta to attend.


Mothers are Not For Sale

The illegal logging trade, believed to be worth up to $100 billion worldwide, poses one of the greatest threats to the safety and freedom of the communities indigenous to the Amazon. Reports suggest that this year, the illicit industry will make victims of tens of thousands of people living in poverty in remote regions of rainforest, people like Josefina.
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At-risk Youth Train as Young Entrepreneurs

UCAYALI, PERU: This week, Not For Sale launches a unique new training initiative for at-risk youth in the Peruvian Amazon. The Young Indigenous Entrepreneurs program focuses on the development of leadership skills, and expertise in sustainable harvesting of natural resources that can be grown and processed for local and international markets. Developed in partnership with ECOSIRA, a local organization representing seventy indigenous communities in the region, the training comes as part of Not For Sale’s program to prevent trafficking and labour exploitation launched in early 2012. Twenty young community leaders, committed to helping their home community develop into a safer environment, have been selected to participate in the program over the next year.


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