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Prevention Camp Helps Educate At-risk Youth in Romania

Our partners in Romania just held their first prevention camp for children this year (the last one they held was targeted at teenagers). They worked with local schools and Child Protective Services to identify at-risk youth who would benefit from attendance. This included children from local orphanages (of which there are many in Romania) and […]

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Exploited because she wanted to go to school

At 16, Marta is eager to go to school and learn, but her village in the Amazon only has an elementary school. A contact of a friend offers to let Marta live with her in Lima, where they have better schools for Marta to attend.

Children for sale in Thailand

Before she was 2 years old Sukanya was sold by her mother. It is a common story at our Children’s Home in Thailand. The severity of poverty in the golden triangle, combined with discrimination towards stateless people leave women with very few options. Vulnerable and homeless, a large percentage of the population is addicted to […]
Group of Thai Boys Reading

New Children’s Library Opens at Not For Sale Thailand

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND: Six years ago, Kru Nam wanted to take some of the stateless children rescued into the Not For Sale children’s home to the local library. When she arrived she was refused access, told that her children had no right to the resources of the library, they were not welcome. Turned away and deeply angry, Kru Nam began to dream of the day when she could provide these kids with the resources they deserved.


Protecting Education to Prevent Slavery in the Amazon

A Special Report from Christina Hebets, Senior Director of International Projects, Not For Sale. I am currently in Madre De Dios, Peru, where Not For Sale works with poor and vulnerable communities to help prevent trafficking. The region is a vast expanse of rainforest. Rivers provide the quickest and easiest way for local people to […]
Academic Activism

ACADEMIC ACTIVISM | “Your Education is Your Advocacy.”

The challenge is this: to encourage and inspire true Academic Activism.  I see this as Not For Sale’s core competency; giving individuals, communities, companies, institutions, and industries different entry points into activism.  I am an academic.  I am a social entrepreneur.  I am a data analyst. I am a business executive.  I am a baseball player.  I can be all of these things and be an abolitionist, an activist.


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