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2013 Q2 Impact Report

Q2 Impact Report Now Available

The 2013 Quarter 2 Impact Report is now available. Just as human trafficking is widespread and complex, so is our impact. This report serves to tell our story in clear, distinct terms so that you can understand where your support goes. The statistic we highlighted this quarter? 56% of those we support are children. One […]

romania prev camp

Prevention Camp Helps Educate At-risk Youth in Romania

Our partners in Romania just held their first prevention camp for children this year (the last one they held was targeted at teenagers). They worked with local schools and Child Protective Services to identify at-risk youth who would benefit from attendance. This included children from local orphanages (of which there are many in Romania) and […]
Peruvian young woman

Lydia’s Story

Meet Lydia. Imagine that you are 15, the oldest of 8, and your father has just died. Your mother accepted a job as a cook at a nearby illegal logging camp, and was forced to become a prostitute. You need to find work and help put food on the table. But how? This was Lydia’s […]
Free to Play

Have you seen our latest Causes campaign?

Child slavery is a reality that cannot be accepted as an inevitable evil, but instead must be fought head-on.  This summer, we are focusing on fighting for children. Most of the children we work with have only experienced life as pain and suffering, with your help we can change that. To learn more about how your […]

Girl with Basketball

Children Are Not For Sale

This summer we have been working on a Causes campaign to raise awareness of child slavery and stop it once and for all. We know that 50% of slaves are children. This breaks our hearts, but we know that we can change that number with your help. Please join with us in the fight to end […]
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Exploited because she wanted to go to school

At 16, Marta is eager to go to school and learn, but her village in the Amazon only has an elementary school. A contact of a friend offers to let Marta live with her in Lima, where they have better schools for Marta to attend.

Sold: Romanian girl, 11 years old

At 11, Cristina was sold by her mother. At 13 she was taken from Romania to Hungary where she was forced to work in prostitution for the next three years. When she was moved to Italy, Cristina was finally rescued by the police and taken to Not For Sale’s rehabilitation program in Romania. At 16 […]


Children for sale in Thailand

Before she was 2 years old Sukanya was sold by her mother. It is a common story at our Children’s Home in Thailand. The severity of poverty in the golden triangle, combined with discrimination towards stateless people leave women with very few options. Vulnerable and homeless, a large percentage of the population is addicted to […]
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Walking the Road to Recovery with Ann

Report by Mariana Petersel, Not For Sale Romania Director For months we have been walking together with Ann on the road from cruelty, deception and shame to many more like Ann who cannot walk this road without us.


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