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Introducing Not For Sale South Africa

On March 18, 2010 Not For Sale Campaign launched the Not For Sale South Africa operation. Saskia Wishart, the new South Africa Regional Director works closely with Media Village, other NGO’s and local law enforcement to fight human trafficking and bring about structural change.

Just last week, NFS SA sponsored a prayer day which took part in Cape Town’s new World Cup Soccer Stadium. The stadium was filled with nearly 55,000 people praying for the city, and focusing on child exploitation and human trafficking. Not For Sale was one of the featured organisations during this event.

Not For Sale’s presence before and during the World Cup is crucial in bringing light to connections between human trafficking and the increase in foreigners in South Africa for the event.

Top Ambassador: Matt Harper

Meet Matt Harper: A college student at Holy Cross in Massachusetts. He became an ambassador for Not For Sale in June of 2009. Since then, he has raised over sixteen hundred dollars for our international project in Cambodia.

WE DID IT – $2 Million to Thailand!

NFS Thailand Provides Health Care to Hundreds of Stateless People with $1.9 Million of Donated Medical Supplies Stateless people born into ethnic minorities are not recognized by the Thai government as citizens, and thus not eligible to┬áreceive health care or education. Often these marginalized communities are forced to enter the illicit drug trade or sell […]


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