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New Factory Creates New Futures for Survivors in India

Not For Sale recently developed a job and life-skills training program for socially conscious manufacturers, piloted at Open Hand, a for-profit ethical manufacturing company. The program will provide a passage of stability for new employees moving from recovery to re-integration.

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Pursue Your Vocation With Not For Sale

Current fellow Matthew Collard joined the Fellowship looking for his role in the movement to re-abolish slavery. “When I first applied to the Fellowship all I knew was that I felt like I had a purpose in combating human trafficking and working to end modern-day slavery, but I didn’t know what my exact role would be. I thought the Fellowship would be a good chance to find out where I fit into the movement, where I could offer the most, and it has.”

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Juniper Employee Runs Marathon for Freedom

Not For Sale’s latest Free2Play athlete is marathon runner Ahmed Geutari. Geutari, the Sr Director WW Sales, Edge and Aggregation Domains at Juniper Networks, participated in the Virgin London Marathon on April 22, 2012. His goal: to raise $10,000 in donations for Not For Sale and selflessly run 26.2 miles in support of the 30 million people living in slavery today.

Team Meeting

Spring Arbor University’s Tennis Team is Free2Play – Are you?

Free2Play began when Dave Batstone’s son Caelin led his soccer team in raising funds for Not For Sale by committing to donate for every soccer goal made. Realizing that this could be more than just a soccer game, Not For Sale created Free2Play as a way to support survivors of human trafficking through physical activity and love of sports. This year, Major League Baseball players have jumped on board, pledging to donate money to Not For Sale based on their specific statistics this season. Not only have star players like Jeremy Affeldt and Matt Holliday joined Team Free2Play, but community and university teams across the nation are also leading the charge.

Zambia, mozabique, zimbabwe

Making Great Strides at NFS South Africa

Three years ago, when Not For Sale first began working in South Africa, traffickers – if convicted, were charged with kidnapping and other less serious crimes. Recently, Justice Portfolio Committee Chairperson Luwellyn Landers announced that as soon as next month, the Parliament will pass the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill –criminalizing human trafficking, prostitution, and forced labor.

NFS Ohio 1

From NFS Ohio: Faith Communities are Not For Sale

This past week, NFS Ohio Director Stephanie Ulmer and the Director of the Abolitionist Faith Community, Kevin Austin, gathered in Akron, OH presenting to over 700 community members. Both leaders spoke during church services and workshops, educating attendees on the modern-day abolitionist movement, and providing actionable steps each participant can take to re-abolish slavery in our lifetime.

Romania, Cosmetology, Black and White

From Romania: A New Future for Triana

Longing for a new life after a tough divorce, Triana was introduced to a man through an Internet chat room. The two become quite intimate, and after a year of talking he had convinced her to move to Romania where they could be married, and eventually move to Spain where he promised to find her a job making a modest income. After he organized the whole trip, including the proper documents, Triana left her life in Colombia.

skyline thailand

Beating 20 Years of Addiction in Thailand

When Not For Sale Thailand found Ma-Bur and her daughter Yepa, they were begging for money at the border crossing. Worried that traffickers would abduct Yepa, Not For Sale began monitoring the pair. When Ma-Bur began having seizures and had to receive emergency medical care, Not For Sale took Yepa into its center.

NFS Tour New Partners

From the Tour: Welcome to our New Partners!

Ethan Batstone, Campaign Coordinator for Not For Sale, spent the last three weeks on the road with The Wrecking, finishing the first leg of a 70-city tour to welcome a new generation of abolitionists to the movement to end modern-day slavery. The “I Am Not For Sale Tour” is free to the public and combines live entertainment from the New England rock band, as well as a multimedia presentation from NFS representatives about joining the movement to end modern-day slavery.


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