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Rule of law helps to protect all

The rule of law helps to protect all citizens of a country, but if culturally there is no respect for a minority group, people will find unlimited ways to marginalize them. I met with Centro Bonó in the Dominican Republic and they are working very closely with refugees and undocumented immigrants from Haiti. They are alarmed by the increase of immigrants that are trapped into forced labor.

DR and Haiti

I visited Haiti and the Dominican Republic for one week. Two beautiful countries that have minority groups that are still searching for Freedom. In my visit to Dejabon, a city in the Dominican Republic that borders Haiti, I immediately faced the realities of forced labor within these two countries. One woman pointed out three teenagers, […]

The Family Connection

My last night in Peru, I was having a family reunion before I returned to the US. We were all talking when Gregorio, a guy who currently lives in the streets, rang the bell. We have seen Gregorio in both good and bad times. He is a very good hip hop dancer, so he has […]

Toyota Prius: Solution for the Privileged, Slavery for the Vulnerable

Between 70,000 and 93,000 workers go each year into Japan as guests and temporary workers. These workers are mainly from Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and Brazil. The National Labor Committee reports that these temporary workers are cheated, afraid, and forced to work for Toyota Prius: They are stripped from their passports. The first year they […]

Forced Labor forgotten in Anti-Trafficking Law

My trip to Paraguay has ended, and after my conversation with local experts, they express their legal challenges in order to fight human trafficking: Slavery and human trafficking is also forced labor. The law in Paraguay does not recognize that smuggling people into other countries for forced labor is human trafficking. The law focuses only […]

Do you want to hear your fortune?

“Come and hear your fortune!” is what you read in a sign, without knowing that the fortune tellers may be trying to recruit you for forced sexual exploitation. Lourdes Barbosa, a former governmental officer in Paraguay, explains that fortune tellers may tell their clients that they will have a travel opportunity accompanied with good economical […]

Aftercare of Freedom

Yesterday I presented at a conference in Asuncion, Paraguay in front of a group of people that all together represented more than 80 non-profits and governmental organizations. A newspaper, ABC, writes an article about my talk: restoring people’s life is about them being able to re-imagine their own identity – especially if that identity has […]

Easier to Trade People than CDs

During my visit to the Brazil-Paraguay-Argentina tri-border area, I met Fr. Nilo who helped me understand the trafficking of Paraguayan women into Brazil for sexual exploitation. Paraguay’s border city, Ciudad del Este, is quickly improving economically. Due to their trade agreements with Asian countries, the items are much cheaper to purchase in Paraguay compared to […]

A Victory for Children by Children in Paraguay

In Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, a group of homeless children were recruited to work at a shopping mall to help the customers carry their bags and to also clean the bathrooms, the floors, and parking lots of the mall. They were promised compensation from the shopping mall but what they got were only the tips […]


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