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Introducing the Invention Hub

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Tuesday night, Not For Sale shined a light not only on slavery, but on the ways we’re fighting it like never before.

James Higa, former Apple executive, now working with Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, called the evening the beginning of radical collaboration. Not For Sale headquarters have relocated to the heart of San Francisco, where our impact can translate directly into the lives of those affected by human trafficking and poverty right here in our city.

We highlighted our long-term partnership with Just Business, a venture capital firm that incubates and invests in profitable enterprises dedicated to delivering social impact. Together with Just Business and in the presence of hundreds of friends, we introduced the Invention Hub, a space where leading corporations and startups will give at-risk individuals access to 21st Century market-relevant opportunities for our community. It is the future of sustainable solutions to human trafficking, and it’s starting right now.


San Francisco is a city thriving with entrepreneurs and an intersection of business and social impact. We’ve created a space to leverage that progressive vision in the interest of ending human trafficking in our community and around the world.

So where do we start? The Invention Hub will begin with a one-year pilot program to equip and connect 10-15 local survivors to enter careers with top Bay Area employers. Corporations will provide these survivors with professional and vocational trainings relevant to the needs of the local job market. With a promising, sustainable career path and a reduced risk of falling into poverty, we seek to bring these survivors a future filled with hope and freedom.

We were floored by the support we received from supporters Tuesday night. Thank you to those of you who are standing with us from near and far.  From Thailand to Peru to four other countries, we’ve come full circle to bring our impact home to San Francisco. And this is still just the beginning.

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