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A Father Rescues His Daughter

Peru On a recent trip to Peru we were able to meet two young women whose stories drive home why we are so certain that economic opportunity can help prevent exploitation. Both girls, cousins, grew up in a small indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon. There is no work where they live, and therefore no means to buy food from the occasional merchants who move goods on the nearby river. They met a man and were offered work in the city. What these girls didn’t know was that they would soon be trafficked to Lima, Peru, and be forced into prostitution.

 This is an everyday occurrence in areas where economic opportunities are low, and poverty levels are extremely high. Thousands of young girls being trafficked are clueless of what’s to come, and are forced to live and endure circumstances that are foreign and terrifying. It becomes a horrific daily task to service large numbers of men in brothels.  The abusive effects of trafficking cause a girl to live in a state of fear of the violence that could be directed towards her and her family. This very reality soon defined the existence of  these two girls.

After servicing a brothel for 2 months, one of the girls was given a  cell phone by a client. She had the opportunity to call her father and confide in him about their horrific situation. Due to a life of complete destitution, the girl’s father had no means to travel to Lima despite the severity of what was happening to them. If it weren’t for his brother who lived in Lima, there would be no hope in rescuing the girls. Fearlessly however, his brother fought for the freedom of his nieces. He worked undercover to perform an investigation, determined to overcome the corruption of the bribery between the police and the brothel owner.

 Today, both girls are safe and free from working in bondage.  Still, until economic opportunities are increased, this cycle of poverty and trafficking will continue. Support our work to end the cycle of exploitation today.


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