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Fighting human trafficking takes strategy and innovation. Looking back at everything that happened in the last month of 2013 we still have some amazing highlights to share. In the Netherlands and globally, Juniper Networks is creating new solutions to the issue of human trafficking, and we’re proud to call them our partner.

Selling SOUP to give back

In the midst of the holiday season, Juniper Networks identified a company gift that gives back. To show their appreciation to their clients, they purchased Not For Sale Soup and gave it away as corporate gifts. Through the purchase of this soup, they directly supported the survivors in our culinary training program in Amsterdam.

Seeking to fill needs

Continually thinking outside the box, Juniper Networks employees wanted to fulfill the day-to-day tangible needs of survivors. These needs can often be hard to define, and it’s not the most glorious way to go about fighting human trafficking. But they are real needs, and with the help of Not For Sale Netherlands Director Toos Heemskerk, Juniper Networks addressed them. The Amsterdam office held a donation drive to collect basic necessities like coats, professional clothes, and toiletries to support survivors.

Using technology to innovate solutions

In May, Juniper Networks employees conducted a computer training class for survivors in Amsterdam. The survivors discovered a creative outlet to explore and learn, as well as a new skill that they could develop for future careers. The employees enjoyed the experience so much that they have been coming back regularly to lead computer skill classes with survivors for the past seven months.

These classes go far beyond job skill training. With consistent and devoted engagement, survivors are able to build trustworthy relationships, something that is often daunting after leaving an exploitative situation. The initial women who were in the course have spread the word about the value of the trainings, and now survivors are actively seeking out the training; it has grown so popular that Juniper Networks is working to setting up a room to devote to the classes.

Juniper Networks is pioneering true impact through corporate social engagement. Their employee-driven initiatives have created opportunities that we alone could not have implemented or sustained. This is why we call them our partner, and are proud to stand beside them in this global movement for freedom.


Learn more about our work in The Netherlands.


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