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Marisa is not alone

MarisaEvery day, another woman walks through the doors at Not For Sale Romania. Each story unique, each life marked by the horrors of human trafficking. Here is Marisa’s story.

Marisa grew up in an orphanage in Romania, where living conditions are bleak. Programs are overburdened and under-resourced. After outgrowing the orphanage, she began earning a living at a factory nearby. She worked there for eight years before her world changed overnight.

Marisa was 30 years old when her co-worker drugged and sold her. When she woke up she couldn’t identify where she was being held, and for a year she was forced to work in a marijuana field where she was sexually exploited. Her captors never told her where she was. It wasn’t until she was made a daring effort to get in touch with her boyfriend in Romania who was able to arrange a car to rescue her from the Netherlands.

She was shocked to learn that she had been so close to home for the whole year.

The car took her back to Romania and to two well-connected nuns, who brought her to Not For Sale Romania. Thankfully, her story ends with us, and she has the opportunity to create a new story. A story of hope and a future are ahead of her at Not For Sale Romania. She will receive any education she needs, job skill training, and the unconditional support necessary to overcome her past.

Every woman’s story remains unique throughout the rehabilitation process at our shelter. But we make sure a common thread connects each of them: hope. And today, you have the opportunity to give hope to women like Marisa through our One Million for Freedom campaign. Give today, donations are still being matched.

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